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    Sports nutrition

    Basic sports supplements are a category of sports nutrition that includes products whose action is aimed at the overall development of the body in the context of sports. That is, such supplements perform the function of saturating the muscles with nutrients, help to fully recover, prevent catabolism and reduce the feeling of fatigue and soreness after training. Basic sports supplements are used by both beginners and professionals, and are relevant for almost any period of training.

    Basic sports supplements include protein, gainer, amino acid...

    Basic sports supplements are a category of sports nutrition that includes products whose action is aimed at the overall development of the body in the context of sports. That is, such supplements perform the function of saturating the muscles with nutrients, help to fully recover, prevent catabolism and reduce the feeling of fatigue and soreness after training. Basic sports supplements are used by both beginners and professionals, and are relevant for almost any period of training.

    Basic sports supplements include protein, gainer, amino acids, BCAAs and creatine - you can buy all this in our Proteininkiev online store. If you do not have a clear idea of what is right for achieving your goal, our managers will help you with the choice over the phone or online chat.

    Features of basic sports supplements

    • Almost everything can be called universal
    • Does not apply to steroid and hormonal drugs
    • Do not contain aggressive and prohibited substances
    • Directly or indirectly affect the recruitment of muscle mass and increase strength
    • Do not cause side effects and discomfort (subject to recommendations for use)

    A little about the action of basic sports supplements

    Protein is a dried protein of vegetable or animal origin, which is used to strengthen and increase muscle mass. Suitable for drying period. The most popular types are whey protein and casein.

    A gainer is drunk when gaining a total mass, since it consists of carbohydrates and proteins, most often with a predominance of the former. Gives a double action: readily available energy and building material for muscles.

    Creatine is used to improve muscle endurance. When stored in muscle tissue, it acts as an additional source of ATP - and you can do 3-7 repetitions more in each approach. As a result, strength indicators increase, and after the termination of the course, they do not fall.

    Amino acids - already split protein - are easier and more natural for the body to assimilate. They prevent catabolic destructive processes and accelerate progress in gaining muscle mass, drying, etc. When fat burning, they help get rid of excess fat, while protecting muscles from destruction.

    By using basic sports nutrition supplements, you can be sure that you get enough nutrients and calories, which means that you can achieve your desired goal in a fairly short time without harm to the body.

    • Proteins

      Protein - high-molecular organic compounds linked by peptides to amino acid groups. In sports nutrition, there are several types of this product: animal and vegetable origin. The cost directly depends on the degree of purification, amino acid profile and protein concentration. When choosing a supplement, you need to understand exactly what goals the athlete is pursuing, then you can buy protein in Kyiv and Ukraine on the Proteininkiev web resource.

      Proteins are the most important component in the diet of any person, this is due to the lack of the body's ability to synthesize some amino acids on its own. Assimilation is carried out through the work of proteolytic enzymes, destroying the proteins that have entered the body into amino acids.

      Heavy physical activity causes informal stress. Scarred muscle tissue, combined with a load on the immune and nervous systems, negatively affects the central nervous system. Over time, adaptive processes contribute to getting used to this kind of activity. But without "building material" cell regeneration slows down. Protein, especially of animal origin, is a recommended supplement in the diet of any person, and is indispensable for an athlete. Muscle building is impossible without a complete set of amino acids.

      The rate of absorption of protein from simple food takes a long time, about 12 hours. It is known that immediately after the training process, a protein-carbohydrate window is formed. To avoid catabolism for 30-40 minutes. you need to saturate your body with nutrients, especially protein. Without it, muscle growth slows down.

      In athletic nutrition, protein comes in several forms. With the help of innovative technologies, manufacturers of athletic supplements purify it from ballast impurities: ash, fats, carbohydrates, milk sugar.

      Bodybuilding, as well as other types of iron sports, involves several periods: a set of total mass, an increase in strength, drying. To get the most out of your workout, sports nutritionists recommend taking a specific type of protein at each stage of your workout.

      The erroneous opinion about the dangers of protein shakes is supported by a superficial knowledge of nutrition. Novice athletes confuse nutrition for bodybuilders, in particular protein, with anabolic drugs - steroids. However, after the use of proteins, there is no rollback effect and other side effects. Hormonal substances are produced by complex chemical reactions. Biologically active additives are created from natural products.

    • Gainers

      Gainer - sports nutritional supplement - a balanced mixture of nutrients: protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, creatine and components for complete absorption. There are several types of gainer, including high-protein and high-carbohydrate ones. The choice of a gainer primarily depends on the goals of the athlete. Buying a gainer in Kyiv and Ukraine is quite simple.

      Gainer is a biologically pure product, the main purpose of which is to accelerate the process of growth of general muscles. Recommended for people with ectomorphic and mesomorphic body types. For athletes who are prone to fullness, it is rational to buy a protein with a low content of milk sugar.

      It should be noted: the gainer is not a substitute for nutrition - it is a food supplement to the main diet. To grow muscle mass, you need to consume an excess of daily protein and calories. Consuming that many calories from food is difficult.

      It is generally accepted that muscle growth is carried out with the help of proteins - this is not true. Without going into scientific terminology, carbohydrates are an energy resource. Existing muscles need to be recharged, otherwise energy will be expended from globular connections.

      Manufacturers of sports nutrition focus on the maximum investment of carbohydrates in a gainer - this type of product is suitable for athletes with an accelerated metabolism. There is a group of drugs with a high concentration of proteins of different decay rates - these are whey, egg, casein, soy. The category of such geners is perfect for mesomorphs - people who have naturally developed muscles, and with age, in the absence of physical activity, there is a risk of acquiring a fatty layer. The average concentration of carbohydrates with a low glycemic index will not allow you to gain weight at the expense of fat, provided that you visit the gym regularly.

      The action of the gainer begins after a few minutes: this is of great importance - it is after the end of physical activity that the body needs to be recharged. In the absence of nutrients entering the body (if the protein-carbohydrate window is not closed), catabolic processes begin. Any training for the body is stress, which entails the synthesis of many hormones. The main enemy of any bodybuilder is cortisol. If you do not saturate the muscles with protein and carbohydrates after the training process, the risk of muscle tissue atrophy increases - the body consumes energy reserves from the muscles. Drinking a gainer or protein after visiting the gym is a must.

    • Creatine

      Creatine is a nitrogen-containing class of functional carboxyl groups. It plays an important role in the energy metabolism of myofibrils.

      Note to all adherents of a negative attitude towards sports nutrition: E.I. Chazov made a discovery about the most important role of creatine in the human body. On November 6, 1973, a well-known Soviet scientist studying the molecular mechanism of contractility of the cardiovascular system in coronary disease made a conclusion that contradicted the ideas of the masses: one of the regulators of the force of contraction of the heart is creatine.

      Creatine in natural bodybuilding, and especially in professional, plays a crucial role. At the moment, this is the most effective supplement among the leaders in sports nutrition . At the same time, the cost of creatine will please even visitors to general education institutions. The myths about the dangers of creatine have been repeatedly refuted, and the absence of any side effects confirms this fact.

      In power sports, creatine is used to increase strength and speed-strength performance. At the same time, most athletes note an increase in strength endurance. On average, the number of repetitions in the bench press with a working weight increases by 4 times. Such an indicator does not give a chance for supercompensation to postpone its arrival. With an increase in strength comes an increase in mass. However, creatine itself, with plenty of water, allows you to gain a couple of kilograms - it “floods”. After the termination of the course, the water leaves, but the strength indicators remain! It's hard to believe, but unlike steroid drugs, strength indicators remain.

      Unfortunately, due to the individual characteristics of the body, creatine is not absorbed by everyone. It is estimated that about 2 out of 10 people do not feel its effect. This is due to the peculiarities of metabolic processes. But the result is absent only when taking creatine monohydrate . Sports nutrition manufacturers have created many forms of creatine, including: hydrochloride , tartrate, phosphate, tricreatine malate and others, but the above forms are most suitable for strength athletes. When in doubt, you can buy creatine, which includes a complex of several types.

      The popular belief about the need for a boot phase is correct. It should be remembered that the loading period is often only suitable for creatine monohydrate, for most forms normal dosages are sufficient.

      The action of creatine is as follows: getting into the gastric tract, it is practically not destroyed. In the case of creatine monohydrate, after 4 hours, deposition occurs in the muscles, then, during physical exertion, creatine shows its functions.

    • Nitrogen boosters NO...

      In our online sports nutrition store, we offer to buy nitric oxide ( NO ) for weight training (bodybuilding, fitness, powerlifting and other sports). Order a courier in Kiev or delivery in Ukraine. The catalogs of our site are constantly updated with new products, but supplements are not always available - you can buy nitric oxide for bodybuilding by pre-order. Our managers will process your application online as soon as possible and call you back to clarify the nuances. You can also call the numbers listed in the "Contacts" section.

      Nitric oxide for athletes is a natural preparation, often containing vasodilators such as arginine, AAKG , etc. Unlike pre-workout supplements, nitric oxide does not contain thermogenic stimulants (which can lead to side effects if overdosed). To increase the productivity of training, sports nutrition manufacturers add beta-alanine, taurine, etc. to complex nitric oxides, which helps to increase the duration of the approach by suppressing the production of lactic acid. The recovery time between sets is also noticeably reduced, but there is no load on the heart (as is the case with regular pre-workouts). Moreover, nitric oxides have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, and also accelerate blood flow to muscle fibers.

      Pumping workouts and without nitric oxide imply a visual increase in muscle volume, however, with supplements, the effect is more visible. In addition, there is a stretching of the muscle fascia, which subsequently, with proper nutrition, stimulates the hypertrophy of muscle fibers. Of course, nitric oxide works even with low-intensity sets, but the more repetitions in the set, the better, the weight does not matter (in the range from 25% to 55%).

      For a more visible result, nitric oxide is best taken half an hour before training with a cup of coffee or black tea. If you do not know which nitric oxide to buy, our managers will advise you and, depending on your individual characteristics, suggest which supplement is right for you.

    • BCAA

      BCAAs are a group of proteinogenic essential amino acids, a distinctive feature is aliphatic side chains with a branched structure. In sports nutrition, there are several formulas for the ratio of leucine, isoleucine and valine:

      8:1:1 - it is advisable to use during the period of fat burning, as well as before bodybuilding competitions.

      4:1:1 - is actively used by athletes of strength sports in training - the speed of assimilation ranges from 5 to 15 minutes. Prolonged physical activity can expose the athlete to catabolic shocks, which is risky when gaining mass.

      2:1:1 - has a high assimilation rate - is used for drying and mass-gaining period. The type of training determines the final result, however, this ratio of amino acids in BCAA is recommended to be consumed at any time.

      BCAAs are a substrate for protein synthesis in muscle tissue, as well as for energy production - building muscle tissue is almost impossible without leucine, isoleucine and valine. But the main quality that BCAAs have for a modern person is an anti-catabolic effect. Various kinds of stress, overwork, depression and other life troubles lead to the production of many hormones, including cortisol. All bodybuilders are afraid of this word. A sufficient amount of BCAAs in the athlete's diet provides reliable protection for muscle tissue.

      In the process of building an athletic body, a person steps over himself, abandoning most of his everyday activities and habits. Only a strong motivation to win produces winners. Regardless of the chosen sport, the most difficult work on oneself lies ahead. Training in the gym is the most important factor on the path to success, but the main indicator of the result is proper nutrition. In the gym, you can train like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but an irresponsible attitude to the regeneration of the body will not give the proper result. Thus, sports nutrition manufacturers have created a dietary supplement that makes dreams come true - BCAA. Unlike hormonal drugs, BCAAs have no side effects. But the main thing is the result - it remains with the athlete even after stopping the use of the supplement.

      There are several types of BCAA packaging, including BCAA powder , BCAA capsules , BCAA tablets , and BCAA liquid form . There is no particular difference between them, there is only a difference in ease of use.

      It will not be difficult to buy BCAA in Kyiv and order BCAA in Ukraine in our sports nutrition store "Proteininkiev". Affordable prices for BCAA and real reviews of regular site visitors allow you to make the right choice.

    • Amino acids

      Amino acids are a class of chemical compounds whose molecule contains carboxyl and amine groups. Among the amino acids, there are nonessential and irreplaceable - that is, those that the body can synthesize or not.

      It is not difficult to buy amino acids in Kyiv and Ukraine. The problem is making the right choice. Athletes do not always distinguish between amino acids: there are many amino acids that are not proteinogenic, while having unique properties.

      Among the proteinogenic amino acids, 20 amino acids are distinguished, according to sources from Wikipedia, there are a little more of them, but twenty are paid attention to in sports nutrition. They are used in their pure form (for example, one amino acid) and complexes (a multicomponent combination of amino acids, nonessential and irreplaceable). Particular attention is paid to conditionally essential amino acids (tyrosine, cysteine, histidine, alanine), because their synthesis in the body is insufficient, however, in a stressful situation, these amino acids are produced in full.

      In bodybuilding, amino acids are used in powder form, tablets and capsules. Depending on the form of packaging, the rate of assimilation is determined. Used in the morning, during the day, before the start of active physical activity and after. There are a number of amino acid complexes that are taken at night, and professional bodybuilders at night - to maintain anabolic functions and nitrogen balance in the body.

      The choice of amino acids directly depends on the desired result. Most often, the consumption of amino acids is rational during the period of fat burning or before bodybuilding competitions. They do not retain water, while protecting the muscles from the negative effects of cortisol.

      Amino acids are the building blocks of muscle tissue. The facts about the existence of hyperplasia have not been proven, and hypertrophy is a "side" effect of working with iron. In training, the muscles, roughly speaking, are scarred, for their restoration special organic compounds are needed - amino acids. An informal load on muscle tissue is stress for the body, to further avoid such stress, the body does everything possible to prevent this from happening again - it increases the volume of myofibrils - amino acids are necessary for this process.

    • Pre-workouts, energy...

      Pre-workouts, energy drinks and preparations for pampas are several types of sports nutrition, conditionally combined into one group: they are united by the method (time) of administration and general purpose. They are used immediately before training or shortly before it, and their purpose is to maximize the productivity of the training process. Unlike recovery supplements (like protein, gainer, amino acids, etc.) that work during the rest period, pre-workouts and energy drinks promote the best return on training, increasing strength, endurance, mental focus and reducing rest time between sets.

      Types of Pre-Workout Supplements

      The main and most famous type is pre-workout complexes. They increase endurance (aerobic and anaerobic) and help to carry out high-intensity training. It is most often based on stimulants of the nervous system and substances that accelerate blood circulation and give a pumping effect. As part of modern pre-workouts, you can see caffeine, taurine, creatine, BCAA , guarana. Some manufacturers use the most powerful mixture of ECA (ephedrine + caffeine + aspirin). High-quality pre-workouts have a rich composition, and the number of ingredients can reach up to 20. Some contain fat-burning substances.

      Energy drinks increase efficiency and, as the name implies, give a feeling of energy: you just don’t want to stand and rest between sets for a long time. The main active ingredient is usually thermogenic (eg caffeine, guarana, geranamine), often supplemented with vitamins and minerals. Energy complexes can also be used during the period of fat burning.

      Isotonic drinks maintain an optimal water-salt balance in the body during exercise. Especially popular among athletes involved in the pumping mode: when the goal is to maximize the muscle directly during training.

      Nitrogen donors - the best known is arginine, often combined with creatine, fast carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. A pronounced effect is pumping: the muscles seem to “flood”, the volume and venousness increase.

      We offer to buy pre-workouts, energy drinks, isotonic drinks at an affordable price in our Proteininkiev sports nutrition store. If you have any questions, please contact our managers by phone or e - mail .

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