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    Health and longevity

    Base Supplements to Support Health and Longevity

    Vitamins, minerals and omega 3 (3-6-9) is a category of nutritional supplements for athletes and people with an active lifestyle, which improves well-being, the general "background" state of the body, normalizes digestion and the functioning of all systems and tissues. The benefits of this class of sports nutrition are far from being as obvious as protein, amino acids, gainers, etc., however, with the use of these vital organic compounds, progress in any sports direction increases significantl...

    Base Supplements to Support Health and Longevity

    Vitamins, minerals and omega 3 (3-6-9) is a category of nutritional supplements for athletes and people with an active lifestyle, which improves well-being, the general "background" state of the body, normalizes digestion and the functioning of all systems and tissues. The benefits of this class of sports nutrition are far from being as obvious as protein, amino acids, gainers, etc., however, with the use of these vital organic compounds, progress in any sports direction increases significantly.

    Most vitamins and minerals in the body are not synthesized, but enter the human body from the outside: from food and nutritional supplements. Their lack leads to negative consequences. For example, in winter very often people experience beriberi due to the low consumption of vegetables and fruits. And when processed at high temperatures, almost all vitamins are destroyed: the same buckwheat or boiled broccoli will not provide you with enough vitamins. Therefore, it is important to ensure their influx from outside.

    Every person, regardless of the type of activity, literally needs vitamins, minerals and healthy fats for a normal existence. But for athletes, this need is many times higher. Training - stress for the body, copious amounts of food consumed (especially proteins), accelerated metabolism - this leads to the fact that the body needs significantly more nutrients than people who do not play sports. Vitamins help to normalize digestion and absorb carbohydrates and proteins well for the subsequent growth of muscle tissue. Minerals, in turn, serve for normal muscle contraction, energy production and provide nerve permeability. Some of them are irreplaceable components of tissues (for example, calcium in the bones) or serve to produce hormones (testosterone). Omega 3, 6, 9 are fatty acids that perform a number of important functions, such as strengthening the cardiovascular system, maintaining joint health, and increasing endurance.

    We offer to buy vitamins, minerals and omega fats in the sports nutrition store . Here you will also find a wide selection of other nutritional supplements such as proteins, fat burners, amino acids, etc.

    • Vitamins and minerals

      Vitamins and minerals are a category of dietary supplements to strengthen the body, immune and cardiovascular systems. Manufacturers of sports nutrition create supplements taking into account gender characteristics - the need for minerals and trace elements in the body of men and women is different. Before buying, you need to read for whom the vitamin-mineral complex is intended.

      During the training process, the consumption of nutrients increases significantly. Any physical activity is stressful for the body. As a self-defense, the human body adapts and in the future does not perceive such loads as stressful, which allows you to increase the volume and intensity. Thus, it is possible to increase muscle mass, strength, endurance, speed-strength qualities. Having ascended to a new stage, the body increasingly needs higher doses of nutrients, macro- and micronutrients.

      Vitamins and minerals have little to no effect on anabolic functions. However, their lack significantly reduces the productivity of training. There are cases when the lack of vitamins and minerals undermines health. Their deficiency does not allow the athlete to recover by the next visit to the gym.

      Vitamins and minerals directly affect the synthesis of proteins, hormones and enzymes. Normalization of metabolic functions, cell restoration and suppression of catabolic processes - this is not a complete list of the positive features of the vitamin-mineral complex. Some vitamins have antioxidant properties (C and E). Minerals, in turn, strengthen bone tissue, the heart, regulate the acid-base balance of the blood, etc.

      The need for vitamin-mineral complexes increases after the first workouts. Getting enough from food is very difficult, and there is no point. It has long been possible to buy vitamins and minerals in sports nutrition stores. It is worth noting that pharmaceutical preparations are significantly different from sports nutrition products - for a person who does not work out in the gym, such a high dosage is not needed, and, accordingly, they are not suitable for athletes.

    • Omega 3 (3-6-9)

      Omega-3-6-9 is a biologically active class of drugs of natural origin. In sports, it is used to maintain muscle mass during a low-carbohydrate diet, and also helps to reduce subcutaneous and visceral fat. People who are not subject to frequent physical activity also need additional nourishment with omega fats. The positive effects from the use of omega fats are the following: the cardiovascular system is strengthened, metabolic functions are normalized, insulin sensitivity is increased, the rheological properties of blood are improved, overall endurance is significantly increased, efficiency is increased, the synthesis of vital hormones is enhanced, etc. And this is not all the positive effects of using omega fats. The action directly depends on the concentration of the active substance and the raw material (vegetable, animal) - usually manufacturers indicate this on the packaging.

      Omega-3 and Omega-6 are essential fatty acids, meaning the body cannot synthesize them on its own. They must come from food or special supplements. Their deficiency can lead to dysfunction of certain processes in the body. In the future, this manifests itself in the form of diseases. It is important to note: omega-6 comes in sufficient quantities from food, omega-3 enters the body much less (sometimes 20 times, depending on the person’s diet), which leads to an imbalance. Acceptable ratio is 1:1 to 4:1 Omega-6:Omega-3.

      Omega-9 are unsaturated fatty acids, the human body is able to produce them from essential fatty acids. In some cases, it makes no sense to buy Omega-9 separately, it is more rational to buy an Omega-3-6-9 or Omega-3 complex.

      Numerous experiments show that the additional intake of omega fats not only strengthens the body as a whole, but also contributes to the rejuvenation of soft tissues and the upper layer of the dermis. Regular systematic use of omega 3 6 9 allows you to increase strength and endurance, as well as strengthen the body as a whole, which makes this dietary supplement suitable for use by athletes of any sport and other people.

      We offer to buy Omega 3 6 9 (buy Omega-3-6-9) in Kyiv or order delivery in Ukraine in our store of athletic supplements and sports accessories. The catalogs of our site contain positions for power and anaerobic sports, as well as for people leading a healthy lifestyle.

    • Antioxidants

      Antioxidants are substances that inhibit oxidation, protecting organs and tissues from the negative effects of aggressive radicals. In sports nutrition , antioxidants reduce exercise-induced oxidative stress, which speeds up the recovery process after exhausting physical exertion.

      During and after the training process, a lot of toxic substances are formed in the body of an athlete that damage the muscles and vital organs. Among the best-known free radicals, nitrogenous molecules are the most harmful - they most pronouncedly damage cell membranes.

      A person who is not subject to regular physical activity has enough antioxidants from ordinary food. A huge amount is found in berries and fruits. However, with age, the need increases significantly. This is due to the slowdown in metabolic processes. Getting this amount of antioxidants from the gifts of nature is quite difficult. And if a person regularly visits the gym, the use of antioxidants is simply necessary. In addition to the daily allowance, the normal dose increases due to damage to muscle fibers. It does not matter what sports goals the athlete sets for himself.

      Recommendations for the use of antioxidants are indicated by the manufacturer of sports nutrition on the packaging. However, in most cases, the intake of antioxidants depends on the origin. For example, the daily norm of vitamin C is 500-1000 mg, and selenium - 50-100 mg. It should be noted that most vitamins have antioxidant properties. A wide selection of antioxidants allows you to choose a product for the intended purpose.

      After the end of the course of taking antioxidants, a surge of energy appears, an increase in strength and speed-strength indicators. Girls and women, taking the most famous antioxidant coenzyme Q10, notice a decrease in wrinkles, strengthening the hair shaft, the skin becomes several years younger. Elderly people, taking antioxidants, leave only positive feedback - this is not a drug, but the work of the cardiovascular system improves.

      You can buy antioxidants in Kyiv and Ukraine in our online sports nutrition store.

    • Chondroprotectors...

      Preparations for ligaments and joints, chondroprotectors - a category of biologically active additives intended for the prevention and strengthening of the musculoskeletal system, which, however, are not medical or medicinal. Preparations for ligaments and joints are one of the few subcategories of sports nutrition, the use of which is recommended for athletes and people far from sports.

      Connective tissue is a system of cells and intercellular substance of a living body that does not take part in the work of organs, but plays an auxiliary role, while accounting for 60-90% of their mass. Synovial fluid, cartilage, joints, bones, etc. All of this is connective tissue. A certain resource is genetically laid down, which is consumed with age. To maintain and prevent the musculoskeletal system, it is recommended to use drugs for ligaments and joints, otherwise various diseases, sometimes death, are possible. When a person starts working with iron, the resource allotted by nature is consumed much faster. Thus, it exposes the athlete to the risk of injury, sometimes so serious that you have to forget about training for several months. Please note: up to 22-25 years of age, microtraumas make themselves felt slightly. After 26-27 years, the hormonal background is disturbed, and the recovery processes in the body slow down. If you do not additionally use drugs for ligaments and joints, at best there will be "stagnation", at worst - an injury. If your elbow joint, knee or any other part of your body hurts just after a workout, this is a signal: it's time to give the body some time to recover, and to speed up this process, it is better to purchase drugs for ligaments and joints. In most cases, their price is low.

      There are many drugs, and each has its own healing properties, but the most common and effective are collagen, chondroitin, glucosamine and methylsulfonylmethane: they can be bought individually or in combination. Vitamins C and B also have healing properties for connective tissue.

      Here you can buy preparations for ligaments and joints in Kyiv, Ukraine at the most reasonable prices. If you do not know which drug to choose, call the numbers listed on the site, our consultants will help you make the right choice and suggest the most profitable option.

    • Hepatoprotectors...

      Hepatoprotectors are a class of sports supplements whose action is aimed at protecting the liver, maintaining its normal functioning, as well as accelerated regeneration after past diseases associated with liver damage. This category of dietary supplements is intended primarily for people with liver diseases, acute and chronic, for accelerated recovery. With the same success, hepatoprotective drugs are used for preventive purposes, which is especially popular with athletes. Such supplements are most often based on substances extracted from plants:

      • milk thistle;
      • Turmeric long;
      • Field artichoke.
      What are the benefits of hepatoprotectors
      In the conditions of the modern world, the human liver is subjected to heavy loads and experiences undesirable conditions caused by malnutrition, fast food consumption, of course, alcohol. Many potent drugs, the same antibiotics, "hit the liver." Against this background, serious diseases can develop.
      Hepatoprotectors for liver support produce many important effects. Firstly, drugs reduce the destructive damage from toxic (poisonous) substances formed during the digestion of large quantities of food, which is not always of the highest quality. The liver is entrusted with one of the most important functions in the body: cleaning the blood of unnecessary and harmful substances. Considering that athletes eat many times more than people with a normal lifestyle, there are also more metabolic by-products in their bodies. Taking hepatoprotectors reduces the load on the liver and helps it cope with a given amount of work. With the improvement of the liver, the general well-being and the state of the body also improve. In athletes, this is expressed in increased training productivity, faster recovery.

      The main effects of hepatoprotectors

      • Relief from constant intoxication of the body (alkaloids, hepatotoxic substances)
      • Prevent "overload" of the liver
      • Prevent liver disease
      • Many drugs have antioxidant effects
      • Cholagogue properties
      • Accelerate the regeneration of damaged cellular structures of the liver
      • Strengthening the cardiovascular system
      Sports hepatoprotectors are more profitable and effective compared to pharmacy ones. The difference in the concentration of the active ingredient can reach a 10-fold value: for example, in a pharmacy - 35-70 mg, in a sports one - 500 mg per capsule. What's more, specialized supplements use the plant's active ingredient (like silymarin) directly, while the simple thrush herb (milk thistle, from which silymarin is extracted) has a much smaller effect.
      You can buy hepatoprotectors in Kiev and Ukraine at the Proteininkiev sports nutrition store.
    • Prebiotics
      Prebiotics are a class of nutritional supplements designed to improve intestinal microflora and improve digestive processes. It is known that the so-called beneficial bacteria, such as lactobacilli and bifidobacteria, play an important role both in the normal functioning of digestion and in maintaining an acceptable level of cholesterol, cleansing the walls of blood vessels, etc.
      The main function of prebiotics is to normalize and maintain the correct microflora, as well as its sufficient activity. This implies the regulation of the balance, quantitative and qualitative composition of bacteria at the level that is most favorable for humans. In other words, stimulating the growth and work of the "good" bacteria responsible for food processing, and preventing the growth of the "bad" ones, which cause the processes of decay and decomposition.
      In normal nutrition, prebiotic substances are found in vegetables, fruits and root crops: garlic, onions, carrots, beets, etc. However, this amount is not always enough to maintain a healthy microflora. To stimulate the growth of normal microflora, you can buy prebiotics in the form of nutritional supplements.
      A healthy intestinal condition directly affects the quality of human life, since, firstly, most nutrients are absorbed through the intestinal walls. Secondly, toxins and poisons that can be formed there when microflora is disturbed, lead at least to poor health, lethargy, and unpleasant sensations; in the worst cases - to various diseases.
      Currently popular prebiotics are various poly-, oligofructans, oligosaccharides.
      Inulin deserves special attention as a prebiotic. This polysaccharide of natural origin is extracted from the roots of certain plants, such as Jerusalem artichoke, chicory, echinacea, etc. Inulin has an extremely positive effect on the absorption of vitamins and micro-, macroelements, regulates lipid metabolism, strengthens the immune and cardiovascular systems.

      Effects of Taking Prebiotics

      • Improving the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract
      • Better absorption of nutrients
      • Removal of toxic substances and reduction of their formation
      • Accelerated disposal of undigested food residues
      • Maintaining optimal intestinal pH
      • In the long term, it helps to avoid cases of constipation, diarrhea, "volcanism"
      For athletes, prebiotics indirectly help improve athletic performance, both in terms of mass gain, and in increasing strength and endurance. Nutrition plays a key role in power sports, because it is the nutrients that are used to build muscle tissue, replenish spent energy reserves, etc. With a normal microflora and a cleaner intestine, proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, and vitamins are absorbed many times better, which will certainly lead to faster recovery and better well-being.
      You can buy prebiotics on the website , as well as get acquainted with other supplements that support the good condition of the athlete's body.
    • Immunomodulators...
    • vision improvement
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