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    Antioxidants are substances that inhibit oxidation, protecting organs and tissues from the negative effects of aggressive radicals. In sports nutrition , antioxidants reduce exercise-induced oxidative stress, which speeds up the recovery process after exhausting physical exertion.

    During and after the training process, a lot of toxic substances are formed in the body of an athlete that damage the muscles and vital organs. Among the best-known free radicals, nitrogenous molecules are the most harmful - they most pronouncedly damage cell membr...

    Antioxidants are substances that inhibit oxidation, protecting organs and tissues from the negative effects of aggressive radicals. In sports nutrition , antioxidants reduce exercise-induced oxidative stress, which speeds up the recovery process after exhausting physical exertion.

    During and after the training process, a lot of toxic substances are formed in the body of an athlete that damage the muscles and vital organs. Among the best-known free radicals, nitrogenous molecules are the most harmful - they most pronouncedly damage cell membranes.

    A person who is not subject to regular physical activity has enough antioxidants from ordinary food. A huge amount is found in berries and fruits. However, with age, the need increases significantly. This is due to the slowdown in metabolic processes. Getting this amount of antioxidants from the gifts of nature is quite difficult. And if a person regularly visits the gym, the use of antioxidants is simply necessary. In addition to the daily allowance, the normal dose increases due to damage to muscle fibers. It does not matter what sports goals the athlete sets for himself.

    Recommendations for the use of antioxidants are indicated by the manufacturer of sports nutrition on the packaging. However, in most cases, the intake of antioxidants depends on the origin. For example, the daily norm of vitamin C is 500-1000 mg, and selenium - 50-100 mg. It should be noted that most vitamins have antioxidant properties. A wide selection of antioxidants allows you to choose a product for the intended purpose.

    After the end of the course of taking antioxidants, a surge of energy appears, an increase in strength and speed-strength indicators. Girls and women, taking the most famous antioxidant coenzyme Q10, notice a decrease in wrinkles, strengthening the hair shaft, the skin becomes several years younger. Elderly people, taking antioxidants, leave only positive feedback - this is not a drug, but the work of the cardiovascular system improves.

    You can buy antioxidants in Kyiv and Ukraine in our online sports nutrition store.

    • Coenzyme Q10

      Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is an antioxidant nutritional supplement that is regularly used by athletes, as well as adults, to maintain the normal functioning of the body. In addition to its antioxidant properties, coenzyme performs a number of important functions in the body. It strengthens the cardiovascular system, reduces high blood pressure and prevents diseases associated with the heart; participates in the production of ATP - molecules that serve as a source of energy.

      Coenzyme, in principle, can be produced by the body, but only if a sufficient amount of certain vitamins (C, B2, B3, B6) is supplied. In modern conditions, even with a sedentary lifestyle, it is difficult for a person to fill the need for these vitamins by eating ordinary food. And the athlete, whose body requires and consumes a much larger amount of nutrients, and even more so. Thus, suitable conditions are simply not created for the production of coenzyme - therefore, it is recommended to take it additionally as a food supplement.

      Why Take Coenzyme

      For athletes, the use of coenzyme Q10 entails positive changes in the nature of training: efficiency and overall endurance increase, regenerative processes are accelerated, and the process of weight loss due to fat is also simplified: CoQ10 stimulates lipolysis.

      In training, the athlete's body is subjected to extreme physical activity, including the cardiovascular system. If it is initially weakened, during the training process, especially of an aerobic nature, unpleasant sensations appear, and after that - a very slow recovery. But this is nothing compared to the diseases and problems that may arise later, especially after 40 years. To strengthen and normalize the functioning of the circulatory system, you need to take coenzyme Q10, especially if the training program includes cardio training.

      CoQ10 has a positive effect on the immune system and reduces sensitivity to allergens. As an antioxidant, coenzyme neutralizes the negative effects of free radicals and toxic substances, the amount of which increases after intense training. Thus, the aging process slows down, overall well-being improves, and it is much easier for the body to perceive heavy physical exertion and adapt to them.

      We offer to buy coenzyme Q10 at low prices in the Proteininkiev sports nutrition store. In the catalog, you can pick up other antioxidants or choose any supplements: fat burners, vitamins, gainers, protein, etc.

    • Alpha Lipoic Acid

      Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is a dietary supplement most commonly used as an antioxidant. It is used by people with an active lifestyle, but athletes with regular physical activity pay more attention to it. Taking ALA naturally boosts the body's performance and accelerates progress toward your athletic goals, whether that's fat loss, muscle building, or cutting. This happens precisely by improving the quality and productivity of training and subsequent recovery.

      Alpha-lipoic acid (another name is ticotic acid) belongs to the group of conditional vitamins. This substance is conditionally indispensable, the body is able to produce it in minimal quantities only in order to make up for the deficiency if the intake from food is insufficient. ALA primarily performs an antioxidant function and enhances similar properties of other antioxidants (like vitamins C, E, D). This effect is especially important for athletes, because during intensive long-term training, free radicals are formed, which violate the integrity of the cell membrane, change the normal structure of the protein, as a result, the immune system is overloaded, the state of health and the general background in the body worsen. In such conditions, productivity (not only in training) drops dramatically, and the desire to train may even disappear (as the body's self-defense). Taking antioxidants like ALA helps to avoid these discomforts and reduce oxidative stress.

      Alpha Lipoic Acid has the ability to increase the body's aerobic capacity. That is, in training or during physical activity that involves high oxygen consumption, fatigue occurs much later, and productivity increases. It also delays the moment of pain in the muscles, which is provoked by the accumulation of lactic acid, during anaerobic exercise.

      Among other things, ALA is involved in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates, normalizes the functioning of the liver and protects it. Alpha-lipoic acid improves glucose uptake by cells and lowers insulin resistance.

      We offer to buy alpha lipoic acid in the sports nutrition store . You can view and choose other antioxidants from our catalogs, as well as choose any other sports supplements for mass, strength, endurance, fat burning, etc.

    • Vitamins C, E, Selenium

      Vitamins C , E and selenium are natural nutritional supplements that are classified as a separate category of antioxidants, since these are organic compounds necessary for normal life, which, in addition to their antioxidant properties, produce a number of other effects. In other words, when taking vitamins and microelements, the work of all systems in the body is normalized, and the negative effects of free radicals are also blocked. For athletes, vitamins and microelements, especially C, E and selenium, are of particular importance, as they help protect all tissues and organs from toxic substances under conditions of increased stress.

      Antioxidants, in principle, are necessary for every person, but athletes and people with an active lifestyle have an increased need for them. In addition to training with overload, the formation of free radicals is provoked by the constant inhalation of car exhaust, tobacco smoke, unbalanced nutrition, etc. As a result, the walls of blood vessels and cell membranes, muscle tissue and many organs are damaged, and recovery after training is noticeably slowed down. To combat this, you need to ensure sufficient intake of antioxidants in the body. Some vitamins and macro- and microelements have an antioxidant effect. Next, we will talk specifically about the action of vitamins C, E and selenium.

      Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid. Important for the regeneration and growth of tissue cells (participates in the synthesis of collagen), helps to properly absorb iron, strengthens the immune system. Often included in chondroprotective supplements.

      Vitamin E (tocopherol) has a positive effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular, immune and nervous systems, reduces fatigue, and also helps maintain normal blood sugar levels. With constant use, it helps to eliminate problems with concentration.

      Selenium is involved in many vital processes in the body. It has an anti-inflammatory property (therefore, it can be found in preparations for ligaments and joints), stabilizes the hormonal background, and has a positive effect on the thyroid gland.

      The above three substances are often found in combination, as their combined synergistic effect allows for the best antioxidant properties.

      We offer to buy antioxidants - vitamins C, E, selenium at an affordable price in our Proteininkiev store. If necessary, managers will help with the choice of sports nutrition over the phone.

    • Astaxanthin

      Astaxanthin is an antioxidant recognized as one of the most powerful and effective among products with a similar effect. This is a food supplement that is used not only by athletes, but also by people with an average level of daily physical activity: astaxanthin maintains the normal functioning of all systems in the body, protects the most important glands, improves overall well-being and relieves a constant feeling of fatigue, increases vitality. With any physical activity (be it training or work related to lifting weights), overall endurance increases, and at the end there is no feeling of weakness. In athletes, when taking astaxanthin, performance improves, and progress and recovery processes are accelerated.

      Astaxanthin exhibits antioxidant properties many times stronger than beta-carotene (10 times), lutein (almost 4 times), vitamins C and E. By the way, astaxanthin significantly increases the antioxidant activity of the last two, so taking them in combination is more than rational . Astaxanthin has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, normalizes metabolic processes in the body. First of all, its main purpose as an antioxidant is to reduce oxidative stress and protect molecules from the negative effects of free radicals.

      Astaxanthin is derived from the algae Haematococcus pluvialis and is a natural supplement. Its detoxifying ability is very high - removing toxins from the body. In modern life, the body of almost any person is slagged: due to unbalanced nutrition, fast food, alcohol, stress, negative environment, diseases - and this list can be continued for a long time. When the body is toxic, the quality of life and well-being deteriorate significantly, and sports progress is almost impossible. Astaxanthin helps create optimal conditions for achieving your goal: whether it's fat loss, mass gain, cutting, strength and endurance.

      Specific effects of astaxanthin:

      • Protects cell membranes from oxidation, slowing down cell aging
      • Strengthens the cardiovascular and immune systems
      • Reduces fatigue
      • Prevention of inflammatory processes
      • Protects the hypothalamus, adrenal glands and thyroid gland
      • Facilitates and helps in the treatment of many diseases associated with the gastrointestinal tract, skin, organs of vision, nervous system, liver
      • Improves skin condition: improves skin elasticity and hydration, reduces wrinkles

      You can buy astaxanthin at an affordable price from the sports nutrition store. Choose any sports supplements in our catalog and order through the basket or by phone.

    • Green tea extract
    • Complexes of antioxidants
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