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    Amino acids

    Amino acids are a class of chemical compounds whose molecule contains carboxyl and amine groups. Among the amino acids, there are nonessential and irreplaceable - that is, those that the body can synthesize or not.

    It is not difficult to buy amino acids in Kyiv and Ukraine. The problem is making the right choice. Athletes do not always distinguish between amino acids: there are many amino acids that are not proteinogenic, while having unique properties.

    Among the proteinogenic amino acids, 20 amino acids are distinguished, according to sourc...

    Amino acids are a class of chemical compounds whose molecule contains carboxyl and amine groups. Among the amino acids, there are nonessential and irreplaceable - that is, those that the body can synthesize or not.

    It is not difficult to buy amino acids in Kyiv and Ukraine. The problem is making the right choice. Athletes do not always distinguish between amino acids: there are many amino acids that are not proteinogenic, while having unique properties.

    Among the proteinogenic amino acids, 20 amino acids are distinguished, according to sources from Wikipedia, there are a little more of them, but twenty are paid attention to in sports nutrition. They are used in their pure form (for example, one amino acid) and complexes (a multicomponent combination of amino acids, nonessential and irreplaceable). Particular attention is paid to conditionally essential amino acids (tyrosine, cysteine, histidine, alanine), because their synthesis in the body is insufficient, however, in a stressful situation, these amino acids are produced in full.

    In bodybuilding, amino acids are used in powder form, tablets and capsules. Depending on the form of packaging, the rate of assimilation is determined. Used in the morning, during the day, before the start of active physical activity and after. There are a number of amino acid complexes that are taken at night, and professional bodybuilders at night - to maintain anabolic functions and nitrogen balance in the body.

    The choice of amino acids directly depends on the desired result. Most often, the consumption of amino acids is rational during the period of fat burning or before bodybuilding competitions. They do not retain water, while protecting the muscles from the negative effects of cortisol.

    Amino acids are the building blocks of muscle tissue. The facts about the existence of hyperplasia have not been proven, and hypertrophy is a "side" effect of working with iron. In training, the muscles, roughly speaking, are scarred, for their restoration special organic compounds are needed - amino acids. An informal load on muscle tissue is stress for the body, to further avoid such stress, the body does everything possible to prevent this from happening again - it increases the volume of myofibrils - amino acids are necessary for this process.

    • Aminki

      The genetic code encodes twenty alpha-amino acids that are included in the process of protein biosynthesis - proteinogenic amino acids. In sports nutrition , they are simply called aminos.

      In the iron world, amino acids stand along with protein, creatine and gainer. Amino acids in sports nutrition are proteins that have been purified from lactose and other ballast impurities, but the filtration methods are so powerful that it is not reasonable to compare amino acids with protein.

      There are several types of packaging: powder, liquid, tablets, capsules and gelatin capsules. The first three forms are often protein hydrolyzate, only in the case of tablets it is compressed. Capsules are real amino acids that are purified by sports nutrition manufacturers' patented methods. But the best choice is amino acids in gelatin capsules, in addition to high-quality raw materials, the gelatin capsule itself dissolves in the body much easier.

      But do not think that all other packaging is bad or not working, in this case we are talking about the speed of assimilation, this does not affect the composition of amino acids in any way, and there will be a positive result in the form of a set of dry muscles in any case. The powder and liquid form is absorbed faster, but already in the digestive tract, some of the amino acids are destroyed by gastric juice. Being in a capsule, amino acids in a full-fledged composition reach the muscles.

      The action of amino acids is invaluable, because often sports nutrition manufacturers in Ukraine and other countries put a complex of essential and non-essential amino acids. Unlike simple protein, they can be used for mass gain and drying. But more intelligently during the preparation period before the competition, they significantly accelerate the process of growth of lean muscles without water retention. The cross section of the muscles increases, the load that falls on the tissues may be greater, but the body weight does not increase, as, for example, from protein. Regardless of the type of activity of an athlete (powerlifting / bodybuilding), amino acids can increase both strength and lean mass. Of course, you must follow the right diet, otherwise the result will be negative, amino acids are nothing more than a dietary supplement.

    • Arginine

      Arginine is a nitrogen donor in sports nutrition, as well as an additive for accelerated growth hormone synthesis. It is used by athletes a few minutes before the start of physical activity and at bedtime. No side effects were found, however, individual intolerance may exist if the dosage is exceeded.

      When used at night, arginine promotes the active production of growth hormone, which subsequently leads to a speedy recovery of the body, strengthening the immune system and regeneration of scarred muscle tissue.

      When taking the amino acid arginine before a high-volume workout, a pumping effect is noted, that is, the muscles become more elastic, filled with blood, which makes them much larger compared to the resting state. Also, arginine helps to draw each muscle and increase venousness. To maintain the effect of arginine, it is recommended to use it with creatine.

      Arginine increases blood flow to muscle fascia. Prolonged exposure of muscle tissue under high pressure stretches the fascia, but this effect is lost a few hours after the end of the workout. Myofibrils come to rest, but the muscle fascia is already stretched, to increase the volume it is necessary to hypertrophy the muscle cells. This can be achieved through long workouts, but not every athlete is able to withstand such loads, and frequent use of pre-workout complexes can adversely affect the cardiovascular system. For this reason, athletes use creatine, in addition to increasing strength endurance, it promotes recovery.

      The lifestyle of a modern person scars tissues in everyday life. Accordingly, resources are spent to restore other cells in addition to muscle cells. The body is restored during sleep, initially the cells of vital organs regenerate, and then the muscles. To speed up this process, the glands synthesize growth hormone, exactly the amount that the body can produce, often this is not enough. Arginine contributes to the production of maximum production of GH.

      For bodybuilding and fitness, arginine is an indispensable sports supplement.

    • Taurine

      Taurine is a sulfur-containing amino acid that lacks a carboxyl group. In sports nutrition, taurine is used as an energy drink. At low dosages, a positive effect on the immune system and metabolic functions is noted. The systematic use of taurine strengthens the cardiovascular system.

      Taurine is used in the manufacture of energy drinks: when synergistic with caffeine or other stimulants, it significantly increases efficiency and mental focus. It is not difficult to buy taurine in Kyiv. However, novice athletes do not always understand the difference between taurine in powder or capsules. In fact, the difference lies only in ease of use. Powdered taurine is absorbed slightly faster.

      Daily physical activity entails a lot of physiological changes. At each workout, the body spends a lot of resources to complete the task. During recovery after training, much more nutrients and ergogenic substances, as well as building material, are needed. In case of shortage, the body does not regenerate for the next workout, and accordingly it will not be productive for subsequent growth - be it volume, strength or endurance. Taurine is present in human tissues: muscles, heart, organs. Taurine deficiency causes it to be synthesized from other more valuable amino acids , which leads to a loss of balance and brings the athlete closer to a plateau.

      In the course of empirical studies, a positive effect of taurine on the psycho-emotional state was found. 1-2 gr. taurine per day allows you to use it as a stress reliever. This statement has been proven by Japanese and Russian scientists.

      The level of taurine directly affects the functioning of the heart, liver, retina, and the central nervous system.

      Positive features of taurine:

      • Normalizes the immune system
      • Helps build muscle mass
      • Increases mental focus
      • Improves productivity and performance
      • Positive effect on vital organs

      Taurine is nothing more than a dietary supplement - it is not a medicinal or medicinal drug.

    • beta alanine

      Beta-alanine is a biologically active amino acid , which provokes the production of carnosine, which helps to minimize the acidification of muscle tissue directly during intense physical exertion - this significantly increases strength endurance. Regular consumption of beta-alanine increases the productivity factor - the total tonnage of the lifted scales increases.

      Beta-alanine in bodybuilding is used as a pre-workout complex. Along with other energy drinks, beta-alanine has no side effects even at maximum dosages. The result is noticeable already at the first training session: strength indicators and endurance in general increase significantly. The duration of the approach increases by 10-20%, that is, there is a possibility of making a refusal approach with a further effect of supercompensation. With proper nutrition, such training increases muscle mass without resorting to anabolic steroids. The main thing is that the accumulated results remain after the end of the course of beta-alanine.

      Beta-alanine has taken root in powerlifting as an energy drink. It is known that powerlifters prefer basic exercises - bench press, deadlift, squat - however, to increase strength indicators, they resort to training, the purpose of which is to increase overall physical performance. Getting used to small numbers of repetitions, you have to include in the movement program, where the number of repetitions in the set is much higher.

      Beta-alanine is used not only by strength athletes, but also by people who are far from sports. For example, in adulthood, many people have vision-related problems. Beta-alanine has a positive effect on the normalization of eye function and the prevention of senile cataracts, as well as the prevention of the digestive system. With systematic use, the synthesis of collagen, the building material of the epidermis, is pronounced, the deficiency of which manifests itself in the form of dry skin or hair loss.

      Benefits of Beta Alanine

      • Absence of fats and carbohydrates
      • Has no side effects (even at high dosages, individual intolerance was not noted)
      • High biological value
      • Strengthening the immune system

      It is not difficult to buy beta-alanine in Kyiv. There are several types of beta-alanine packaging: tablets, capsules, powder. The most common form is powder. But the difference is only in the speed of assimilation.

    • Tyrosine

      Tyrosine , a proteinogenic non-essential amino acid , is formed from phenylalanine (the conversion process is carried out in the liver using the enzyme phenylalanine-4-hydroxylase). Tyrosine in sufficient quantities enters the body with food, the excess is utilized. The conversion of phenylalanine to tyrosine is explained by an excess of the former. In the human body, tyrosine breaks down to fumarate and acetoacetate, increasing the level of ketone bodies in the blood.

      In bodybuilding, tyrosine is used to maintain muscle mass on a low-calorie diet. There is also an increase in the fatigue threshold and an increase in aerobic endurance, which is so necessary during the drying period. It is recommended to use tyrosine carefully - in a concentrated form, this amino acid has some side effects in case of an overdose. But let's not forget that any drug, even 10 kg of chocolate, eaten at a time, also has side effects.

      A single serving of tyrosine is indicated on the packaging by the sports nutrition manufacturer . On average, if you take the average person, 1.5 gr.-6 gr. is enough. (depending on body weight and taking into account additional drugs used by the athlete) of the active substance. This portion is enough to conduct a productive workout or recharge for the whole day. Tyrosine is often used as a stimulant, it greatly increases brain activity.

      You can buy tyrosine in Kyiv and Ukraine on the Proteininkiev web site at affordable prices without overpayments at any time convenient for you online, as well as by calling the numbers listed on the site.

      The action of tyrosine is multifaceted, while the product has a lot of positive effects, including:

      • Increase in speed-strength qualities
      • Significantly increases efficiency and productivity
      • Burns subcutaneous and visceral fat
      • Increases motivation and mental focus
      • Accelerates fat metabolism

      According to numerous reviews of professional bodybuilding and fitness athletes, tyrosine is an indispensable supplement that can be used as a fat burner and as a pre-workout complex, depending on the dosages and drugs used in parallel.

    • citrulline

      Citrulline is a highly effective supplement that increases performance by accelerating the regeneration of muscle cells, improving their blood supply. The main purpose is to remove toxins, in particular urea and lactic acid. Citrulline is in great demand in bodybuilding: the fatigue threshold increases significantly, as well as the level of ATP production. Regular use of citrulline over a long period raises the concentration of phosphocreatine by one-fifth after the completion of the set, making citrulline a good restorer.

      There are no average recommendations for the use of citrulline, however, there is an assumption that the minimum dosage is 6 grams per day, while it is necessary to take into account the level of fitness, weight and age of the athlete. Citrulline should be taken one hour before exercise. This will make your workout more productive. It is worth noting: it is rational to use citrulline as a nitrogen donor - it is from citrulline that arginine is synthesized, and citrulline also minimizes the work of enzymes that destroy nitric oxide.

      It should not be assumed that the action of citrulline will begin after a few hours - the pumping effect will be expressed directly in training, but its intended purpose will be pronounced in two weeks. Although some athletes note the positive effect of citrulline on the body after 3-4 days.

      Buying citrulline in Kyiv and Ukraine is quite simple in our online sports nutrition store Proteininkiev. In the catalogs of our web resource you can find a detailed description of any sports nutrition product. If you have any questions, please contact the numbers listed on the site, as well as send a question in a message by e-mail.

      Citrulline, like most athletic nutrition supplements, has no side effects, individual intolerance is possible if the maximum daily allowance indicated on the product packaging is exceeded. Citrulline is not a medicinal or medicinal drug.

      If you want to use citrulline as a pre-workout supplement, add fast-absorbing forms of creatine, as well as various energy drinks, such as caffeine or geranamine (DMAA). To strengthen the immune system, it is enough to take citrulline after waking up in the morning or during the day.

    • Leucine

      Leucine , an essential amino acid, cannot be synthesized in the human body. It is used to improve vital organs, including the liver, but is not a medical or medicinal drug.

      Leucine, by its nature, goes well with other sports supplements , enhancing their effect. Recommended for mass recruitment and off-season. Healing functions accelerate liver regeneration. It is known that during the period of mass gain, some athletes (not all) allow themselves to consume not quite healthy food: fast food, fried, sweet. The liver cleans the body. Directly during training, blood circulation increases, a significant amount of blood passes through this organ - the work of the liver is at its maximum. It takes time to clean it up. Leucine allows you to speed up the process of cleaning the body, but do not forget that this is a dietary supplement, not a medicine.

      Leucine in sports nutrition plays an important role in the period of fat burning. Reducing calories eliminates not only subcutaneous and visceral fat. The whole body dries up. Departing from the diet, the body takes energy reserves from the muscles - amino acids . Leucine allows you to eliminate catabolic shocks, as well as normalize anabolic functions.

      Leucine is highly popular among aerobic athletes (running, swimming). The effectiveness of leucine, like most sports nutrition, has not been proven. Several studies have been carried out, but no one has taken it seriously. Based on the reviews of professional athletes, which are much more impressive than doctors who recommend abandoning the bench press for a cut, they claim that leucine is an effective bioadditive. Significant efficiency is noted when burning fat, while muscle mass does not dry out. In combination with other sports nutrition preparations, the result obtained from the use of leucine is noticeable visually: the muscles become more elastic, drawing and venousness are noted. After completing the course of taking leucine, the accumulated results do not disappear, provided that the athlete continues to train and eat right.

      It is not difficult to buy leucine in Kyiv, it is enough to go through the online registration procedure.

    • Glutamine

      Glutamine is a proteinogenic non-essential amino acid and is part of the protein amino acid profile. Glutamine is responsible for the synthesis of protein and glycogen, which contributes to the growth of muscle mass without deposition of fat. In bodybuilding and fitness, glutamine is used as a sports supplement - it is not a medical or medicinal drug. A significant feature of glutamine for iron lovers is the strengthening of the immune system. After all, being subjected to power loads, not only muscle tissue is scarred. It is known that any training is stressful for the body and recovery should take place entirely, including the immune and central nervous systems.

      The systematic use of glutamine, regardless of the form of packaging (powder, capsules, tablets), improves brain activity. This food supplement is not a nootropic, but there is a positive effect on brain activity. Students, businessmen, scientists and other people whose profession is directly related to the intellect know this fact, and take glutamine without even going in for sports.

      Glutamine plays an important role in strength athletics: more than 60% of muscle fibers consist of glutamine. The key role of this dietary supplement in metabolic functions - allows you to simplify the work of anabolism in the body. But the main thing is that if there is a shortage of any essential or conditionally essential amino acids, the athlete's body often synthesizes them from glutamine.

      The importance of taking this dietary supplement is invaluable, because glutamine is a buffer amino acid . It is hard to believe, however, almost all amine molecules of an interchangeable type undergo an initial conversion to glutamine. And only after that they turn into the nutrients or amino acids necessary for the body.

      It is known that after active physical exertion, a protein-carbohydrate window is formed, without which the process of gaining muscle mass is impossible. Restoring energy metabolism purely at the expense of carbohydrates is a difficult task. Recovery occurs due to protein structures. It is glutamine that allows one hundred percent to restore the energy reserve in muscle cells and not allow catabolic actions to be activated.

    • Glycine
    • tryptophan
    • Lysine
    • Histidine
    • Phenylalanine
    • Methionine
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