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    Vitamins and minerals

    Vitamins and minerals are a category of dietary supplements to strengthen the body, immune and cardiovascular systems. Manufacturers of sports nutrition create supplements taking into account gender characteristics - the need for minerals and trace elements in the body of men and women is different. Before buying, you need to read for whom the vitamin-mineral complex is intended.

    During the training process, the consumption of nutrients increases significantly. Any physical activity is stressful for the body. As a self-defense, the human bod...

    Vitamins and minerals are a category of dietary supplements to strengthen the body, immune and cardiovascular systems. Manufacturers of sports nutrition create supplements taking into account gender characteristics - the need for minerals and trace elements in the body of men and women is different. Before buying, you need to read for whom the vitamin-mineral complex is intended.

    During the training process, the consumption of nutrients increases significantly. Any physical activity is stressful for the body. As a self-defense, the human body adapts and in the future does not perceive such loads as stressful, which allows you to increase the volume and intensity. Thus, it is possible to increase muscle mass, strength, endurance, speed-strength qualities. Having ascended to a new stage, the body increasingly needs higher doses of nutrients, macro- and micronutrients.

    Vitamins and minerals have little to no effect on anabolic functions. However, their lack significantly reduces the productivity of training. There are cases when the lack of vitamins and minerals undermines health. Their deficiency does not allow the athlete to recover by the next visit to the gym.

    Vitamins and minerals directly affect the synthesis of proteins, hormones and enzymes. Normalization of metabolic functions, cell restoration and suppression of catabolic processes - this is not a complete list of the positive features of the vitamin-mineral complex. Some vitamins have antioxidant properties (C and E). Minerals, in turn, strengthen bone tissue, the heart, regulate the acid-base balance of the blood, etc.

    The need for vitamin-mineral complexes increases after the first workouts. Getting enough from food is very difficult, and there is no point. It has long been possible to buy vitamins and minerals in sports nutrition stores. It is worth noting that pharmaceutical preparations are significantly different from sports nutrition products - for a person who does not work out in the gym, such a high dosage is not needed, and, accordingly, they are not suitable for athletes.

    • Everyday vitamins

      You can buy everyday vitamins in the online store of sports nutrition and athletic accessories " Proteininkiev ". If you have any questions, our managers will provide a free consultation on the choice and use of supplements over the phone or by e-mail.

      Everyday vitamins are a class of nutritional supplements that are recommended for use by everyone, especially during winter and early spring. Vitamins serve to optimize most processes in the body, but they have a special effect on digestion. With their help, you can significantly increase vitality, vigor and improve overall well-being, as well as avoid many unpleasant diseases. Everyday vitamins are especially relevant for people with an active lifestyle, an unbalanced diet (few fruits and vegetables). And for people who are seriously involved in sports, it is better to pay attention to sports vitamins.

      What do daily vitamins provide?

      • Normalize metabolism
      • Stabilize the work of the nervous, cardiovascular and immune systems
      • Reducing joint pain
      • Help with depression and depression (need to be checked with a doctor)
      • Antioxidant property

      The above effects can be expected from vitamin supplements with a balanced and most complete composition. It is important to remember that vitamins belong to the category of dietary supplements, that is, you can notice their positive effect on the body not immediately, but 2-3 weeks after intake. However, be sure that the normalization of metabolic processes in the body, albeit imperceptibly, will start within a day or two after the start of use. In winter and spring, when there are very few fresh fruits and vegetables in the public domain, beriberi often occurs - a worsened condition of the body caused by a lack of vitamins. Among the signs are headaches, nausea, lethargy, apathy. In order to prevent or get rid of this condition, it is necessary to take additional daily vitamins.

      Vitamins are needed by the body, first of all, for proper digestion and absorption of nutrients: fats, proteins and carbohydrates. For example, with a high consumption of animal protein foods (meat, milk) and a lack of vitamins, there will be no particular benefit from protein, since it simply cannot be fully broken down into digestible particles. Vitamins are important because they play the role of coenzymes.

    • Sports vitamins

      Buying vitamins and minerals for men and women in Kyiv or ordering delivery in Ukraine is quite simple in our online sports nutrition store. You can place an order online at any time. Our marketplace provides a wide selection of vitamins and minerals for men. The root cause of training in the gym may be the desire to change oneself or increase strength (speed-strength) performance for a particular sport. It is elementary to compete in martial arts to gain or lose weight. Physical exercises with iron accompany this. However, both fat burning and mass gain require the athlete to follow a diet. Otherwise, the result will not be achieved within a certain time frame. At the same time, energy costs increase - food becomes more saturated and frequent. Vitamins and minerals by themselves do not have an anabolic effect, but their deficiency negatively affects the desired goal. Over time, the level of athleticism increases, in parallel, the need for nutrients increases. It is quite difficult to get the daily norm of vitamins and minerals from simple food. To do this, you need to constantly eat. To avoid inconvenience, sports nutrition manufacturers have created special supplements - vitamin and mineral complexes for men. Recommendations for use are often indicated on the product packaging. But in general, a single dose per day is enough. Individual intolerance is noted in rare cases - mainly due to an overdose. The effect obtained during the use of vitamins manifests itself after a few days: health improves, the digestive system normalizes, fermentation improves, speed-strength indicators increase. Minerals help to strengthen the bone apparatus and the cardiovascular system. Also, vitamin-mineral complexes act as antioxidants, protecting cell membranes from the negative effects of aggressive radicals.

    • B-complex...
    • Vitamins (solo)

      Vitamins (solo) is a category of sports nutrition, where vitamins are presented separately, and not in a complex combination. Such supplements are created in order to make up for the lack of a certain vitamin, because it happens that not all vitamins are deficient in the body, but only one. And to optimize the intake of vitamins, it is enough to take only one or two additional types, and not the whole complex (to prevent hypervitaminosis). Also, by taking a separate vitamin, you can get rid of a problem or a negative state of the body caused by its lack.

      In the sports nutrition store " Proteininkiev " you can buy solo vitamins, as well as complex vitamins at an affordable price. To order, use the basket or call the indicated phone numbers. In the catalogs of the site you will find many supplements for weight gain, drying, fat burning, strengthening immunity, etc. - if you have difficulty choosing, our consultant managers will help you decide.

      The benefits of vitamins solo

      When you take only one additional vitamin, it is much easier to choose the right dosage. For example, if you need to take extra vitamin C, then by taking a vitamin complex, you will increase the intake of all other vitamins in the body, causing (most likely) an imbalance, and you will not get any benefit. And having bought this very vitamin C separately, there will be no such problems.

      Complex vitamins affect all systems of the body as a whole and increase overall well-being. Vitamins individually perform different functions, and by choosing the right one for you (preferably on the advice of a doctor), a specific health or well-being problem can be eliminated. For example, systematically taking vitamin A, you can normalize the synthesis of visual pigment in the retina (it is not without reason that it is recommended to eat fruits with this vitamin to maintain vision).

      The price of vitamins individually is often lower than complex ones.

      In "Proteininkiev" you can choose vitamins D , D 3, E , B 12 and others from various manufacturers: Stark Pharm , BioTech USA , Scitec Nutrition , OstroVit . All products meet quality standards and have a positive effect if the recommendations for use are followed.

    • Minerals (solo)
    • Mineral complexes

      Mineral complexes are special dietary supplements that are designed to compensate for the lack of micro- and macronutrients in the body. Usually this is a combination of two or more minerals in optimal proportions, some types are divided for men and women (since different sexes have different needs for trace elements). With the help of mineral complexes, you can normalize the functioning of body systems and improve overall well-being. Some of these supplements may target a specific health problem (these are usually prescribed by a doctor).

      Mineral complexes are accepted by many people, regardless of the type of activity, but those who lead an active lifestyle, and, of course, athletes, especially need them. In training, the entire body as a whole lends itself to enormous loads, and requires a large amount of nutrients for recovery. After heavy training, not only muscles are weakened, but also the cardiovascular and immune systems, central nervous system, ligaments, joints, and the list goes on. Minerals are involved in many vital processes: protein synthesis, tissue formation, regulate acid-base balance, affect biochemical metabolism. Micro and macro elements are needed for the normal production of hormones, and some are part of the tissues (for example, calcium and phosphorus - in the bone).

      Mineral supplements directly affect the quality of life of an athlete and the training process. So, calcium, phosphorus and potassium increase the ability of muscle tissue to contract (if they are deficient during exercise, muscle fatigue quickly occurs). Zinc is involved in the synthesis of testosterone and prevents the decline in immune function after exhausting workouts. Some macronutrients are needed for the metabolism of others: for example, magnesium is needed for the metabolism of phosphorus and calcium. Therefore, the best option is to buy a mineral complex, since the composition in it is optimized and balanced, which means that there will be no need to take additionally other similar supplements.

      You can buy mineral complexes in our sports nutrition store " Proteininkiev ". To order, please call the numbers listed in the "Contacts" section, or place an order through the basket. If necessary, our managers will help with the choice of nutritional supplements.

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