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    Protein - high-molecular organic compounds linked by peptides to amino acid groups. In sports nutrition, there are several types of this product: animal and vegetable origin. The cost directly depends on the degree of purification, amino acid profile and protein concentration. When choosing a supplement, you need to understand exactly what goals the athlete is pursuing, then you can buy protein in Kyiv and Ukraine on the Proteininkiev web resource.

    Proteins are the most important component in the diet of any person, this is due to the lack ...

    Protein - high-molecular organic compounds linked by peptides to amino acid groups. In sports nutrition, there are several types of this product: animal and vegetable origin. The cost directly depends on the degree of purification, amino acid profile and protein concentration. When choosing a supplement, you need to understand exactly what goals the athlete is pursuing, then you can buy protein in Kyiv and Ukraine on the Proteininkiev web resource.

    Proteins are the most important component in the diet of any person, this is due to the lack of the body's ability to synthesize some amino acids on its own. Assimilation is carried out through the work of proteolytic enzymes, destroying the proteins that have entered the body into amino acids.

    Heavy physical activity causes informal stress. Scarred muscle tissue, combined with a load on the immune and nervous systems, negatively affects the central nervous system. Over time, adaptive processes contribute to getting used to this kind of activity. But without "building material" cell regeneration slows down. Protein, especially of animal origin, is a recommended supplement in the diet of any person, and is indispensable for an athlete. Muscle building is impossible without a complete set of amino acids.

    The rate of absorption of protein from simple food takes a long time, about 12 hours. It is known that immediately after the training process, a protein-carbohydrate window is formed. To avoid catabolism for 30-40 minutes. you need to saturate your body with nutrients, especially protein. Without it, muscle growth slows down.

    In athletic nutrition, protein comes in several forms. With the help of innovative technologies, manufacturers of athletic supplements purify it from ballast impurities: ash, fats, carbohydrates, milk sugar.

    Bodybuilding, as well as other types of iron sports, involves several periods: a set of total mass, an increase in strength, drying. To get the most out of your workout, sports nutritionists recommend taking a specific type of protein at each stage of your workout.

    The erroneous opinion about the dangers of protein shakes is supported by a superficial knowledge of nutrition. Novice athletes confuse nutrition for bodybuilders, in particular protein, with anabolic drugs - steroids. However, after the use of proteins, there is no rollback effect and other side effects. Hormonal substances are produced by complex chemical reactions. Biologically active additives are created from natural products.

    • Whey Protein

      There are several types of whey protein : concentrate, isolate and hydrolyzate. Each of the subcategories is presented in the catalogs of our site. Manufacturers rarely put one type of protein, often it is a mixture, for example, concentrate + isolate.

      Whey protein is a biologically pure product designed to meet the daily protein requirement in the human body. Intense physical activity entails many physiological changes.

      There are three main types of whey protein: concentrate , isolate and hydrolyzate. The first is designed for people with an ectomorphic and mesomorphic physique. In the case of normal tolerance to milk sugar, this product can be taken during the period of weight gain. The isolate is recommended for athletes who want to acquire lean muscles. Hydrolyzate , also known as a lactose-free protein, is intended for pre-competitive bodybuilders and endomorphs.

      It is especially important to understand that whey protein is a complete building material, without which the mass gain process is impossible. It is almost impossible to refute this assertion. It is known that muscle growth proceeds much faster if a sufficient amount of carbohydrates with a low glycemic index and high-quality protein are present in the diet. The daily intake of protein is calculated for each individual, but it is generally accepted that, on average, to achieve the goal, you need to consume two grams per kilogram of body weight. Satisfying the requirements of simple food is quite difficult - without going into details, this is at least the strongest blow to finances.

      Whey protein is reasonably priced. This is easily explained: in the manufacture of curd products, liquid whey is formed. It is not inferior in amino acid profile to protein foods of animal origin. Manufacturers of sports nutrition use it to create whey protein using special technologies. After drying and filtering, the process of enrichment with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and natural sweeteners takes place. The finished powder contains from 65 to 100%. The cost varies depending on the concentration of the protein.

      Thus, a non-drug natural preparation is created. There is individual intolerance, but there are no side effects. This is a very important factor. There is also no rollback effect - that is, after the end of the use of whey protein, the acquired results do not disappear anywhere.

      Whey protein is known for its speed of absorption - from 10 to 40 minutes. For example, albumin or casein are absorbed much longer. The fractional profile contains all the necessary interchangeable and irreplaceable amino groups.

    • Multi-component protein

      Multicomponent protein - a combination of different types of protein with a complex anabolic matrix. The release rate of nutrients ranges from 40 min. up to 6 hours. The use of this kind of product guarantees the supply of amino acids and complete muscle building material, as well as maintaining an optimal nitrogen balance, which contributes to muscle growth.

      A multi-component protein often contains a proprietary, unique matrix developed by bodybuilding supplement manufacturers that includes many types of protein : whey, milk, egg, casein , and soy. Ballast substances are present in the form of carbohydrates, milk sugar or fats, however, every manufacturer of sports nutrition does everything possible to clean the multicomponent protein of unnecessary impurities as much as possible. It should be noted that sweeteners are added to the complex protein less often and less, several types of purified protein have a pleasant natural taste.

      A multicomponent protein is ideal for people with an ectomorphic physique - accelerated metabolic processes in the body practically do not allow you to gain muscle mass. The complex protein contains several prolonged protein fractions, which means that saturation with amino acid building material will occur over a long period. In case of forced starvation or excessive physical activity, getting catabolic shocks is excluded.

      For many years, multicomponent proteins have been considered the best option for gaining total mass without deposition of fatty layers. Unlike a weight gainer, it does not include carbohydrates with a high glycemic index. Whey protein concentrate is absorbed after 40 minutes. A multicomponent protein slows down metabolic processes, eliminates the feeling of hunger, while the calorie content of the product is minimal.

      In bodybuilding, multicomponent protein plays a crucial role. Bodybuilding stars participate in various exhibitions, photo shoots and other events that do not allow you to eat chicken breast or drink a hydrolyzate cocktail on time.

      Most athletes use a multi-component protein to replace several protein meals. Boiled chicken breasts get bored over time, no matter how skillful the cook is. And also due to many circumstances, athletes do not have time to eat such a plentiful amount of food. There are many opinions about the correct choice of protein powders for sports nutrition, however, a multicomponent protein stands out among others by the presence of secondary biologically valuable impurities, with the help of which the maximum result is achieved.


    • Casein

      Casein is a long-acting protein with a complete amino acid composition. Sports nutrition manufacturers offer two forms of the product: calcium caseinate and micellar casein .

      Once in the stomach, casein is destroyed, which forms the peptide casomorphin (an opioid - the release of histamine). In addition to athletic nutrition, casein is widely used in medicine, for example, in parenteral nutrition. Athletes are advised to consume this nutritional supplement during recovery, especially at night. The high concentration of arginine allows the natural synthesis of growth hormone. A significant concentration of BCAAs eliminates the process of decay of mouse fibers under the influence of cortisol.

      Casein is a rich source of calcium. In addition to regenerative processes aimed at muscle hypertrophy, casein helps to strengthen the bone apparatus. Long-term physical activity entails a lot of changes at the physiological level. For example, for a normal recovery after a chest workout with basic exercises, seven days are enough. Of course, during the week it is necessary to train the chest, but with medium and small weights. It is during this period that the pectoral muscle, triceps and delta are restored. The regeneration time for bone tissue varies from person to person. Casein reduces the recovery time, bringing the effect of supercompensation closer.

      Casein is highly recommended for people who are purposefully engaged in bodybuilding. In powerlifting, the number of repetitions ranges from 1 to 8. For auxiliary exercises that are not emphasized, up to 15 repetitions. Bodybuilding is training with high intensity and volume. Each workout implies a high tonnage on the body as a whole and a separate part of the body. The overload that an athlete experiences, without proper recovery, entails negative consequences. Only casein has everything you need for normal post-workout recovery: protein with a complete amino acid profile, calcium, arginine for growth hormone synthesis , vitamins and minerals, as well as a host of other useful macro- and micronutrients.

      The action of casein begins after a few hours. In people with an accelerated metabolism - much faster. There are several forms of casein that take 6 to 12 hours to digest: calcium caseinate and micellar casein.

      In the online store of sports supplements Proteininkiev you can buy casein in Kiev and Ukraine.

      In more detail

      Calcium caseinate is a complex protein formed as a result of the enzymatic curdling of milk. In the human stomach, casein turns into a kind of clot, the uniqueness of which is long-term absorption. A positive effect is a prolonged period of digestion time, which provides long-term nutrition of muscles with amino acids. Calcium caseinate has the ability to slow down the breakdown of other proteins, having a high protein value, but compared to whey protein, it is an order of magnitude lower. Thus, the feeling of hunger is eliminated. Proper diet and competent training activate anabolic functions. Let's not forget that hydrolyzed protein is several times more expensive than calcium caseinate. There are many types of training, including aerobic, anaerobic and mixed. Bodybuilding involves high-volume methods with large weights. The increase in strength indicators in basic exercises (bench press, squat, deadlift) require tremendous psychological endurance from the athlete. The weights that the athlete lifts in each workout are prohibitive. In both cases, an inhuman load falls on the body. For recovery, it is necessary to increase the daily protein intake several times compared to the diet of an ordinary person. Calcium caseinate, in addition to the restorative functions of muscle tissue at the cellular level, strengthens the endoskeleton, and also has many positive features. Calcium caseinate is rational to use during the drying period, after all, it is at this time that the bodybuilder is recommended to reduce daily caloric content and increase protein intake for bodybuilding. Unlike soy or complex protein, calcium caseinate does not retain water and fat. Appetite suppression occurs by slowing down metabolic processes, but a well-designed meal plan allows you to burn fat. Calcium caseinate is also suitable for athletes who want to gain mass. Sports nutrition manufacturers often make mixed forms of casein, such as calcium caseinate + micellar casein. To achieve muscle hypertrophy, it is necessary to systematize protein intake and increase the daily calorie intake. It is quite easy to buy calcium caseinate in Kyiv and Ukraine, as well as other athletic supplements in the catalogs of our website.

      Micellar casein is the slowest-digesting protein powder form, almost twice as fast as calcium caseinate. Appropriate use is recommended during periods of prolonged fasting, as well as during recovery. Micellar casein is called a night protein, this is explained quite simply: getting into the gastrointestinal tract, they are converted into micelles - this is guaranteed to reduce the access area for enzyme functions. In bodybuilding, micellar casein is in great demand - its action is aimed at strengthening the body as a whole due to the high capacity of calcium, as well as the normalization of nitrogen balance. During the drying period, it is especially important to buy casein - it significantly suppresses appetite, but, unlike meal replacements or a gainer, this sports supplement does not retain water. The erroneous opinion of most novice athletes is that after a long time spent in the gym, powerlifters swim in fat. Strength officers, by virtue of their direction, exclude isolated exercises from the training program, which means that there is no drawing of muscles. Their main goal is to build up as much meat as possible, but without fat. Micellar casein is produced using more gentle technologies than simple casein, the value of protein in this case is much higher. To gain high-quality dry muscles, you need to balance your diet, as well as train competently. Many athletes spend more than three hours in the gym drinking a couple of BCAAs or eating one protein bar, but this is not enough. Muscle tissue must be constantly fed with amino acids, otherwise cortisol shows its destructive properties. And in the case of the security forces, training sometimes lasts up to five hours. Micellar casein nourishes the muscles with high-quality protein with a complete amino acid profile for 6-12 hours. It is possible to buy micellar casein in Kyiv and Ukraine on our web resource "Proteininkiev" at affordable prices online, or by calling the numbers indicated on the site. The catalogs of our web resource contain bioadditives from the best manufacturers of sports nutrition. Micellar casein is one of the few supplements that actually works. A high concentration of arginine and BCAAs allows you to build muscle in the shortest possible time. Drinking a casein cocktail at night eliminates catabolic processes, arginine, in turn, accelerates the synthesis of growth hormone.

      Casein mixtures are a class of sports nutrition that belongs to the category of dietary supplements. There are two main forms of casein in bodybuilding supplements: calcium caseinate and micellar casein. The difference is only in the speed of assimilation and a slight difference in nutritional and biological value. The first has a longer anabolic effect, the second - less, but the biological value of micellar casein is several units higher. Also, some preparations include special substances, including natural enzymes, peptides, vitamins and minerals, which contribute to a more complete absorption. Casein in its pure form without filtration and enrichment with nutrients has a weak anabolic effect. The action directly depends on the inclusions in the composition, as well as the form of casein. For a more pronounced anti-catabolic effect, special additives have been created - mixtures of caseins. Why use casein? First of all, to maintain a positive nitrogen balance - that is, to eliminate the destruction of muscle proteins during forced starvation, as well as during sleep. Taking casein at bedtime enhances the synthesis of somatotropic hormone, thereby accelerating the process of regeneration of damaged myocytes. If the muscles are not restored the night before training, the visit to the gym will be wasted. Boxers and MMA fighters know that an injury will heal if left untouched, otherwise it will grow. But if you allow the damaged area of the body to recover, it will only become stronger. With muscles, the situation is the same, it's just that a person does not see visually scarred tissue, and often, too early, he believes that his muscles have been restored. For accelerated recovery, the body needs a building material - amino acids. It is at night that the main regeneration processes take place, contributing to the growth of lean muscle mass and increasing strength. Given the absorption rate of each of the caseins, you can choose an additive for yourself, knowing how much exactly the athlete will sleep today, however, in some cases you cannot rely on luck and it is better to buy a casein complex. The Proteininkiev sports nutrition store has a wide selection of sports caseins, proteins and other supplements for gaining muscle mass, increasing strength/endurance, etc. Call the numbers listed on the site for a free consultation on choosing a sports nutrition.

    • egg protein

      Egg protein is a powdered form of egg-derived protein that is completely natural. The biological value of protein equals and sometimes exceeds whey protein. Without going into details , sports nutrition manufacturers create their own unique product, but egg protein is the leader among other sports supplements. The complete amino acid profile, combined with the absence of lactose, makes the product more attractive to those who are lactose intolerant.

      But there is a small minus - egg protein is digested on average 4 hours. Such a protein is not suitable for closing the protein-carbohydrate window. Perhaps this is the only negative. The result obtained during the use of egg protein is noticeable after a few weeks, and acquired sports achievements remain even after the end of the course of using egg protein.

      In bodybuilding, egg protein is used to gain lean and total muscle mass. Properly selected training allows you to achieve any desired result in the shortest possible time.

      The cost of egg protein is low compared to whey protein isolate or hydrolyzate. This is due to gentle methods of manufacturing the product, aimed at avoiding the loss of biological value. However, egg protein allows you to achieve your sports goal much faster. Its absorption is longer than purified amino acids - amino acids will help to avoid a catabolic shock during a period of forced long-term starvation, but it is more rational to buy a hydrolyzate .

      Egg white is great for strength athletes or builders during the period of gaining total mass. Such workouts last a very long time, about 3 hours, and in powerlifting it can be longer. Drinking a pre-workout egg protein shake for four hours will nourish muscle tissue with amino acids and nutrients. The main thing is that after drinking such a drink there is no feeling of discomfort, which means that the training will be more productive.

      It will not be difficult to buy egg protein on our web resource of sports nutrition and athletic accessories Proteininkiev. Pay attention to all the proteins presented in our catalogs. A huge selection will allow you to choose a protein for men and a protein for women.

    • soy protein

      Soy protein is a protein powder of vegetable origin with a high biological value. It is actively used by bodybuilding athletes when gaining total mass. Also referred to as female protein , but the current understanding of the drug is erroneous. A peculiar idea of this supplement has developed for a reason - it is soy protein with dosed systematic use that allows you to achieve weight loss due to the fat layer. Low calorie content makes it possible to consume soy protein throughout the day.

      Soy protein is rich in isoflavones, but estrogenic activity has not been confirmed. In addition, sports nutrition manufacturers have even taken care of this: by purifying the protein powder from ballast substances as much as possible, making soy isolate, which eliminates even the slightest chance of feeling the effect of estrogens. In other words, manufacturers of athletic supplements reduce the activity of antinutrients. Enrichment of soy protein with methionine increases the biological value several times. Of course, the category of these drugs should not be compared with milk or whey protein, however, in the course of empirical studies, an active production of thyroid hormones was revealed.

      Soy protein is a rich source of vitamins and minerals, which guarantees the strengthening of the cardiovascular system. The antioxidant properties that soy protein possesses make it stand out from other protein products. It is known that free radicals contribute to the formation of toxic substances that disrupt the functioning of cell membranes and bioenergetic processes, and this, in turn, leads to inhibition of the set result. In the worst case, it creates the “plateau” effect that bodybuilders are so afraid of. Oxidants are formed during the deployment of lipid peroxidation, this is due to the exorbitant weights with which the athlete works every other day.

      Soy protein contains many phenols, naphthols, aromatic amines and other antioxidant components that interact with active radicals.

      After a grueling workout, the athlete's body produces many by-products that damage muscle tissue. Soy protein, which has antioxidant properties, speeds up the process of removing oxidants and speeds up the recovery process.

      Regardless of the direction you choose, soy protein is great for gaining mass and burning fat. It is recommended to buy soy protein from trusted manufacturers of sports nutrition.

    • Milk protein

      Milk protein - a protein product of sports nutrition - is widely known in the circles of bodybuilding, powerlifting, fitness and other strength sports. It is used to enrich the body with the daily norm of protein, as well as to eliminate catabolic processes in the body. Unlike whey , milk protein is absorbed much more slowly, but this is not a disadvantage. Entering the body under the influence of enzymes, the milk protein folds into micelles, the main thing is that throughout the entire stay in the digestive tract, amino acids with a full profile enter the muscle cells. This product is especially recommended for athletes whose workouts last more than two hours - in order to avoid muscle breakdown as a result of active synthesis of cortisol.

      Sports nutrition manufacturers often do not indicate where the product came from - this introduces buyers into confusion, as they think they are buying micellar casein or calcium caseinate , but do not be confused - any casein is inherently enriched with a high calcium capacity - that is, the product is aimed at strengthening muscle and bone tissue. Milk protein in sports nutrition is used in order to hypertrophy muscle tissue as quickly as possible after exhausting workouts. This effect is due to the activation of anabolic functions immediately after ingestion. The concentration of BCAAs and glutamine is similar to whey protein, to be more precise, protein isolate.

      Milk protein is a powerful anabolic drug. The absence of contraindications and gender-based use make the supplement more accessible to any novice athlete. In some cases, there is some intolerance, but you should not be upset: often unpleasant sensations arise due to an exaggeration of the dosage.

      The first results from taking milk protein are visible after a few weeks. And the weight of muscle mass that can be gained with the help of this supplement is from 1 to 10 kg, but with proper training and proper nutrition. It is possible to buy milk protein by calling the numbers listed on the site, or by going through a simple registration procedure.

      Before buying a protein , we strongly recommend that you read the description and composition of the product, otherwise there is a minimal risk of buying the wrong athletic supplement. Competent advice is given by our managers over the phone.

    • Isolate protein
    • Protein hydrolyzate
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      New generation micellar casein is an innovation in the world of sports nutrition.

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