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    Fat burners

    Fat burners are a sports nutritional supplement that is used to reduce weight due to subcutaneous fat or visceral fat without harm to health. There are several types of fat burners: thermogenics, lipotropics, carb/fat/cortisol blockers, appetite suppressants. Also, there are many other forms, but the above are the most common. Everyone's action is different.

    • The principle of operation of thermogenics is based on the mobilization of fat reserves with subsequent splitting, which leads to the release of fatty acids into the blood. At the same t...

    Fat burners are a sports nutritional supplement that is used to reduce weight due to subcutaneous fat or visceral fat without harm to health. There are several types of fat burners: thermogenics, lipotropics, carb/fat/cortisol blockers, appetite suppressants. Also, there are many other forms, but the above are the most common. Everyone's action is different.

    • The principle of operation of thermogenics is based on the mobilization of fat reserves with subsequent splitting, which leads to the release of fatty acids into the blood. At the same time, the metabolism accelerates, producing a significant amount of heat - this process is called thermogenesis;
    • The action of lipotropics is less pronounced, however, with a significant percentage of body fat, it is noticeable. Substances in the composition of the fat burner envelop the fat cell, sublimating its contents into energy. This type of fat burner is suitable during the period of active cardio loads;
    • Blockers have a rather simple mechanism: enzymes that break down carbohydrates / fats are blocked. Carbohydrates and fats are not digested, which reduces the calorie content of food consumed.

    Keep in mind that any dietary supplement will not do the job for you. To get the result, you need to work in the gym. If the goal is to lose weight, first of all, you need to balance your own diet. To refuse from bad habits. Some fat burners, especially thermogenics, raise blood pressure, so you will have to give up alcohol and frequent coffee consumption.
    It is not difficult to buy fat burners in Kyiv or Ukraine. There are many types in the catalogs of our web resource, and everyone can find a suitable product for themselves.
    Please note that fat burners in sports nutrition are not medical or medicinal preparations. You should also consider the variety, there are fat burners for men and fat burners for women, this is due to differences in the metabolic processes of the digestive system. For the entry level, it is enough to buy a dietary supplement with the property of a fat burner. L-carnitine is a lipotropic fat burner.

    • L-carnitine

      L-carnitine in power sports is used as a fat burner , without negative consequences even with overdoses. The "side" effect in the form of prevention and strengthening of the cardiovascular system allows the use of the supplement by people who are not involved in athletics. The result of taking carnitine depends on the dosage and frequency of use.

      L-carnitine in sports nutrition is available in capsules, tablets, powder and liquid form. The action in any of the options is the same, the difference is in the speed of assimilation. For example, liquid L-carnitine can be consumed during training - absorption occurs so quickly.

      At the moment, you can buy L-carnitine at any pharmacy or sports nutrition store . However , sports nutrition manufacturers put several times more active substance, and the price of L-carnitine is lower. According to beginners and professional athletes, L-carnitine gives the first results after a few weeks.

      Reception of L-carnitine should take place in courses: drink for a month, rest for a couple of weeks. It does not cause harm, but frequent use forces the body to adapt to it and not perceive it as a dietary supplement.

      If you do not go into scientific terminology: the action of El-carnitine is quite simple: it envelops the fat cell, sublimating its contents into energy. Strengthening the immune and cardiovascular systems occurs after the first dose. For a fat-burning effect, carnitine is recommended to be consumed half an hour before physical exertion. If training is aimed at increasing cardio endurance, then the dosage will be slightly lower.

      A single serving for men is 3000 mg, for women 2 g is enough. This recommendation is general. It is enough for a novice athlete to take 500 mg at a time, with the passage of time and an increase in the level of fitness, the dose must be increased, but it makes no sense to exceed the recommended rate. The body will take only the amount that it needs.

      Buying L-carnitine in Kyiv or Ukraine is very simple, just type in the desired combination in the search. The trick is making the right choice. There are many supplements for weight loss. Most are for the pros. For beginners, it is quite rational to buy a cheaper supplement. In case of difficulty, our consultants will always help you make the right choice.

    • Complexes with...

      You can purchase complexes with L -carnitine for weight loss in our sports nutrition and athletic accessories store proteininkiev . com . ua . If you do not know which fat burner to buy, please contact our consultant managers at the indicated phone numbers or write to the online chat.

      The complex with L -carnitine is a sports supplement of natural origin with increased efficiency - a combination of levocarnitine with additional substances of a different nature of action. The most commonly used excipients are yohimbine, green tea extract, and caffeine. This combination allows the natural way for the body to get rid of excess fat without losing muscle volume.

      Action of complexes with L -carnitine

      • Helps to reduce weight in a short time due to fat reserves
      • Increase the effectiveness of fat burning workouts
      • Allows to improve muscle definition by reducing subcutaneous fat
      • Positive effect on metabolic processes

      L-carnitine is an organic vitamin-like substance that has a fat-burning effect directly during physical exertion. L - carnitine is responsible for the transport of fatty acids to the mitochondria, where they are broken down with subsequent release of energy. In other words, carnitine makes fat a source of energy at the time when the body needs this energy most: during physical activity. In addition, carnitine improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system and strengthens the heart muscle. For this reason, it can be combined with caffeine without concern for the health of the circulatory system.

      L -carnitine in combination with caffeine provides a unique synergistic compound, because the latter acts as a stimulant, increasing endurance during training and increasing mental focus. Thus, the productivity of training increases. And the thermogenic effect ensures fat burning during the recovery period.

      Green tea extract in conjunction with L-carnitine acts as an antioxidant, removing toxins and helping to normalize the functioning of all tissues and the organ system of the body. It also neutralizes the negative effects of free radicals that are formed during training. The combination of "yohimbine + carnitine" helps to work out problem areas - hips, buttocks, sides of the waist, abdomen, where a large number of alpha receptors are located - yohimbine blocks them, preventing the storage of new fats.

      How to take complexes with L -carnitine

      Depending on the additional components, the recommendations differ, but in general, such supplements should be taken 30-40 minutes before training, and on recovery days - in the morning.

    • Yohimbine (for problem...

      Yohimbine - a fat burner of problem areas - a nutritional sports supplement derived from the Yohimbe plant. In power sports, it is used during a strict diet, as well as for drying. A feature of this product is its versatility. It is known that most fat burners are designed for male or female metabolism. Yohimbine burns fat regardless of ergogenic characteristics.

      At certain dosages, this dietary supplement acts as a stimulant - a male aphrodisiac. This action does not apply to the weaker sex - girls should not worry about the occurrence of virilization.

      Yohimbine, unlike most fat burners , does not work entirely, but locally - this is very important. As often happens: you are trying to get rid of your stomach, but your hands are leaving. Targeted training to reduce the volume of a certain part of the body becomes more effective when you take yohimbine. But local fat burning is possible only if a given training plan is followed. After all, it is irrational to train the legs and hope that the volume from the upper body will go away. It should not be forgotten that yohimbine is nothing more than a dietary supplement, and is not a medical or medicinal drug.

      Buying yohimbine in Kyiv or ordering in Ukraine is quite simple. The consultants of our web resource are always ready to help you make the right choice without compromising your wallet and health.

      Please note that sports nutrition manufacturers pack yohimbine in capsules for dosed intake. The optimal daily allowance of yohimbine is considered to be 10-20 mg, but the training experience, age, height and weight of the athlete should always be taken into account. For a girl of 50 kg, you may not need to take this supplement at all, but for a young man with a weight of 150 kg and a height of 130 cm, 20 mg of the drug is enough, and you should be very careful, because this dosage is very high, most likely, you will have to refuse from fast food and bad habits.

      Yohimbine is recommended to be consumed 30-60 minutes before training. At first, the minimum dosages are sufficient, in the absence of any negative sensations, a single serving can be increased.

      Fat burners for women are super-effective drugs that get rid of excess weight, as well as provide local fat burning in problem areas: hips, waist, back of the arms and others. Unlike men's fat burners, sports nutrition manufacturers put special components into their composition to get rid of cellulite. Dosed consumption allows you to achieve the desired result without compromising health. However, it should be remembered that fat burners for women are nothing more than an additive, which means they are not a medical or medicinal drug. The main work is in the gym. With proper nutrition, fat burners for women will speed up the process of getting rid of excess weight and cellulite. Local fat burning involves working on the target muscle group. Problem areas go away if you take yohimbine - a harmless dietary supplement of natural origin. A distinctive feature of female fat burners is their composition: they do not affect the thyroid gland or the hormonal system, which means there is no risk of virilization (become masculine). Recommendations for the use of female fat burners are indicated on the packaging, but one should not forget about a competent approach. You should start with small dosages. In the early days, it is enough to consume no more than one capsule. If there is no feeling of discomfort after taking, the dosage can be increased. It is not difficult to buy fat burners for women in Kyiv or order in Ukraine. There is a possibility of making the wrong choice. Our consultants have many years of training experience and a huge knowledge base in nutrition and dietetics. You can always ask about choosing a nutritional supplement on the Proteininkiev website. There are many sub-categories of fat burners, including thermogenics, fat/carb blockers, appetite suppressants, and others. At the initial stage, it is enough to buy L-carnitine - this is a dietary supplement with the property of a fat burner, that is, active work begins with physical exertion. If the goal is to reduce the waist or hips, you need to buy yohimbine.

    • Powerful complexes...

      Thermogenics are sports fat burners , often plant-based. Used to speed up the process of weight loss due to body fat. Systematic consumption with recommended dosages eliminates the possibility of experiencing side effects.

      Benefits of thermogenics

      • Weight loss due to subcutaneous and visceral fat
      • Suppresses excessive appetite
      • Speeds up metabolism
      • Increases speed and strength
      • Pre-workout thermogenics can be used as a pre-workout supplement

      It will not be difficult to buy thermogenics in Kyiv or order delivery in Ukraine. However, it is quite difficult for a novice athlete to make the right choice. It is especially important to understand that the intake of this kind of products implies exclusion from the diet of alcoholic beverages, coffee, as well as drugs that affect blood pressure.

      The body tends to adapt. Over time, there is an addiction to the consumption of a fat burner and the use does not give the desired result. Thermogenics must be consumed in courses of one month, then give the same time to rest from the supplement.

      Appetite suppression after using thermogenics is just a small bonus on the way to your goal. The main action is to increase heat production and accelerate metabolism. Through simple chemical functions in the body, fat mass is converted into energy. Sports nutritionists recommend taking this category of athletic nutrition half an hour before physical activity. In this case, spending time in the hall will be more productive. Volume training will become more effective.

      For local fat burning, it is necessary to train the target muscle group. The myth about the impossibility of burning fat in a certain area of the body has long been exhausted. According to the reviews of professional female athletes, thermogenics have a powerful effect on the problem area, of course, with the correct distribution of loads.

      Fat burners for men are a category of sports nutritional supplements for reducing overall body weight due to visceral and subcutaneous fat. A feature of this class of drugs is a unique composition designed specifically for men. Metabolic processes in a strong half of humanity are significantly different from women's. Sports nutrition manufacturers know this. There are universal fat burners, however, reaching a certain level, you need to buy more individual sports nutrition. Also, when buying a male fat burner, one should take into account general fitness, experience, age, height and weight. Among others, there are two main classes: thermogenics and lipotropics. Thermogenics are suitable for athletes whose training is aimed at increasing endurance and strength. Their action directly depends on the intensity of physical activity. The use of high doses without sufficient workload, in the hope of getting a result, will be crowned with failure. This category of male fat burner allows you to reduce weight by converting fat into energy. The more effort you put in, the better the result will be. When using a thermogenic, it is necessary to give up bad habits: smoking, alcohol, fast food. Lipotropics are rational to use in sparing workouts. Unlike thermogenics, they do not increase overall body temperature. Their main action is to normalize metabolic processes, as well as to utilize fat reserves into an energy resource. Using this fat burner, you must follow a strict diet: they significantly suppress appetite. Departure from a given daily diet can adversely affect health. It is not difficult to buy fat burners for men at the best prices in Kyiv and Ukraine. This class of sports supplements is used for preventive or recreational purposes - these are not medical or medicinal preparations. To achieve your goal of weight loss through fat, you must first follow a balanced diet. Training should be tougher, the emphasis is on cardio exercises. Together with a fat burner, the result will not be long in coming.

    • Fat blockers

      Fat blockers are sports drugs designed to speed up the process of reducing your own body weight. The action occurs due to the blocking of the lipase enzyme. The main component of most fat blockers is hotosan - in addition to the main purpose, it has an anti-catabolic effect.

      Maintaining a diet aimed at burning body fat is not easy. Even professional bodybuilders sometimes allow themselves to eat something tasty. Any calorie can be worth first place in a bodybuilding competition. With the help of fat blockers, deviation from the diet does not affect the target result.

      Unlike most fat burners , fat blockers have no side effects. But overdose will not bring a more pronounced effect - the body will take exactly the amount that it can absorb.

      The intake of this category of sports supplements for weight loss must be consumed in courses. After a month of use, stop using for a few weeks. A break is necessary, otherwise the body will adapt and stop perceiving the drug as an additive.

      There are fat burners for men and fat burners for women , fat blockers are a universal product, it can be taken without ergogenic restrictions. Combination with other supplements is welcome. It is not difficult to buy fat blockers in Kyiv. The problem is making the right choice. There are many manufacturers of sports nutrition, including Ukrainian, American and European ones. Raw materials for the manufacture of sports nutrition are taken almost the same, but the processing and filtration methods are different. Price is not always an indicator of quality. Often advertised brands make a high markup for advertising.

      Benefits of Fat Blockers

      • Visible results after the first use
      • Have no side effects. There is individual intolerance, but often this is due to excess dosages.
      • The work of metabolic processes is normalized
      • Activates anabolic functions
      • Acceptable price
      • Often the components of a fat burner are natural
      • Fat blockers have proven themselves thanks to the reviews of professional athletes with many years of experience in training with iron.
    • CLA (conjugated...

      CLA - conjugated linoleic acid - an effective fat burner with anabolic action.

      As often happens: resorting to a diet aimed at reducing body weight due to body fat, muscles leave. Many athletes face this problem. Conjugated linoleic acid is a dietary supplement, the unique action of which allows you to save muscle mass without losing volume and strength indicators, while getting rid of subcutaneous and visceral fat. However, taking conjugated linoleic acid does not reduce body weight: fat is lost, but muscles grow (proportionally).

      When taken at a minimum of 3.2 g per day, CLA weight loss due to fat at least 90 g per week. The growth of lean muscle mass increases by 1%. It should be noted that conjugated linoleic acid in combination with other types of fat burners can improve the result.

      It is quite easy to buy CLA (CLA) in Kyiv and Ukraine at affordable prices by going through a simple registration procedure.

      Sports nutritionists claim that the use of conjugated linoleic acid is much more effective when combined with other fat burners. At the same time, training should be left with an emphasis on cardio or volumetric low-intensity training: with minimal weights, high reps and sets, rest between sets should not exceed 1-2 minutes, depending on the athlete’s fitness level.

      At first, taking conjugated linoleic acid will bring a bright result, noticeable visually, but over time, the body adapts to the constant intake of CLA and will not perceive it as a fat burner. You can avoid this with the help of short breaks - that is, take the supplement in courses of one month. One week is enough for rest.

      Correct dosages avoid side effects. In case of an overdose, negative consequences are possible, but this is not connected with the additive: a sharp weight loss for any organism has brought invaluable harm. Everything must be done gradually.

    • Stimulants

      You can buy stimulants for bodybuilding, fitness, powerlifting or other sports on our sports nutrition website proteininkiev . Order a courier in Kiev or delivery in Ukraine. All products in the catalogs of our web resource belong to the category of dietary supplements, that is, they are not medical or medicinal preparations. Side effects are completely absent if you follow the recommendations for use. The action of the drugs is based on increasing the effectiveness of weight training due to the synergistic effect of the release of fatty acids into the blood. Stimulants increase the level of norepinephrine and adrenaline, which significantly affects the productivity of the training and reduces the time between sets. The increase in strength indicators is based on an increase in strength endurance: in other words, an athlete with his usual weight does more repetitions, and the rest between sets is much less than usual. As a result, the total tonnage per training increases. With proper recovery (nutrition, sleep), strength indicators increase, and, as a result, dry muscle mass grows.

      It is impossible to buy psychotropic stimulants in our store, since absolutely all supplements in Proteininks are of plant origin. However, in most cases, thermogenic and other stimulants are not inferior in effectiveness to illegal drugs. Moreover, most dietary supplements are herbal extracts and have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and the body as a whole.

      The intake of such drugs is recommended before the main workout or instead of morning coffee. Often, stimulants energize, eliminate apathy, increase mental or cognitive concentration. In some cases, taking stimulants is simply necessary for a person who regularly exposes the body to inhuman loads, because the consumption of "fuel" for bodybuilders and athletes working with iron is much greater. Especially if training in the morning or after a hard day's work, when you just want to sleep. But it should be remembered that stimulants are not recommended to be taken 6 hours before bedtime. Also, we should not forget that stimulants cannot be taken on an ongoing basis and you need to take breaks between courses from time to time. Otherwise, the body simply gets used to it, and the effectiveness will be less.

    • Synephrine

      Synephrine is a food supplement of natural origin, which is used to reduce body weight due to fat deposits, as well as local fat burning in problem areas. With targeted training, by reducing the percentage of subcutaneous fat, you can achieve a good drawing of the muscles. Synephrine is a mild analogue of ephedrine, and its use will not cause side effects (subject to the recommended dosages), the fat burning process occurs without strain on the heart. Extracted from bitter orange.

      Synephrine is a mild fat burner that shows some effect even with minor physical exertion and a balanced diet. However, with regular targeted training and a low-calorie diet, synephrine can help achieve impressive results. It has both a thermogenic and lipolytic effect: fat burning occurs during physical activity and during the recovery period after training (however, the former predominates). Combined with caffeine, carnitine, and green tea extract, synephrine has a tremendous impact on reducing overall body weight. Separately, synephrine is used more often precisely for detailing a muscle or muscle group, which led to its popularity among bodybuilders specifically in the pre-competitive period.

      In addition to the pronounced effect of local fat burning, synephrine normalizes metabolic processes in the body, and also suppresses catabolism and the production of the destructive hormone cortisol after exercise. When it is taken, there is an increase in endurance and performance during the training process, this is especially evident when combined with caffeine. Mental concentration also increases, which allows you not to be distracted by extraneous thoughts and conduct training with maximum impact: “I don’t think about anything but iron.”

      Another interesting feature of synephrine is the suppression of excessive appetite. This is especially true with a low-calorie diet, as it helps to control oneself (not to break into sugary foods, buns, cakes, etc.) and not be annoyed due to the constant feeling of hunger.

      We offer to buy Synephrine at a nice price in our Proteininkiev sports nutrition store. Also here you will find other fat burning supplements for effective combination with synephrine: caffeine, green tea extract, carnitine.

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