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    Accessories and inventory

    In our store you can buy sports equipment and accessories for bodybuilding, fitness and other power sports. Delivery is carried out by courier in Kyiv and the private service Nova Poshta to any location in Ukraine.

    The choice of sports accessories directly depends on the specifics and direction of the sport that the athlete is involved in. There are general types of sports accessories and targeted ones. For example, a shaker will be needed in any sport, but sports bandages are more likely to come in handy in bench press or traction exercises...

    In our store you can buy sports equipment and accessories for bodybuilding, fitness and other power sports. Delivery is carried out by courier in Kyiv and the private service Nova Poshta to any location in Ukraine.

    The choice of sports accessories directly depends on the specifics and direction of the sport that the athlete is involved in. There are general types of sports accessories and targeted ones. For example, a shaker will be needed in any sport, but sports bandages are more likely to come in handy in bench press or traction exercises.

    Modern sport has long gone to another level. The level of training has become higher, the weights that even novice athletes lift, beyond the past years. This is all thanks to the latest training methods, sports nutrition and pharmacology. However, people have not learned to avoid injuries due to improper technique or due to preliminary fatigue. Sports equipment and accessories are used to prevent injury and in some cases save lives.

    In powerlifting, there are special competitions where athletes perform on the platform only in sports equipment (bandages, knee pads, bench shirts, overalls, belts) - this is done to increase intensity. Sports equipment and accessories contain intramuscular pressure (which does not allow you to relax) and simplify the work of muscles and ligaments.

    Many people think that it is cheaper to buy a bag in the market than in a sports nutrition and accessories store . This is an erroneous opinion. Sports bags are made of special fabric, and also equipped with special compartments for storing a shaker, bottles, things, food bowls and other accessories. At the same time, each compartment does not transfer the smell to the next one - it is possible to carry sports items, food and a protein shake in one bag.

    • Belts

      You can buy an athletic belt at the most reasonable price on our website of sports supplements and athletic equipment proteininkiev . com . The catalogs of our web resource include a wide selection of athletic belts for bodybuilding, fitness, crossfit, powerlifting and other strength sports. If necessary, we provide a free consultation on the selection of sports nutrition, as well as equipment for weight training.

      The athletic belt is an indispensable part of functional training and training with iron. After all, passing a certain line of maximum, the athlete experiences a colossal intramuscular tension, which can subsequently lead to injury. It would seem that a hernia or stretch marks after a deadlift are not so terrible, but injuries received in youth appear after decades. You can ask any experienced bodybuilder or security officer who regularly visits a massage therapist about this.

      The athletic belt prevents injuries associated with the back and lower back. Moreover, according to statistics, it is with an athletic belt in squats and deadlifts that it is possible to take 20-40 kg more than usual. Of course, with the right technique and the absence of cheating.

      In the golden era of bodybuilding, the “vacuum” exercise was widely popular, allowing you to make the waist more elegant and the press traced. Preparing for the competition meant working with small weights, because you can’t reap much on a low-carb diet. However, even with light weights, bodybuilders wore a weightlifting belt. This is explained quite simply: when performing the exercise, in any case, intramuscular pressure is formed, which expands the waist - the belt restrains it. Thus, it was necessary to make a vacuum much less.

      Why buy an athletic belt?

      • Prevents injury and intramuscular pressure
      • Promotes weight gain in basic exercises (deadlift/squat)
      • Relieves excessive tension from the lower back, which subsequently eliminates pain during recovery
      • Positively affects the shape of the waist and the drawing of the press

      If you want to buy an athletic belt, then call the numbers listed on the site. Order delivery in Ukraine or courier in Kiev. You can also come to our office and see the belt live.

    • Bandages

      In our online store you can buy sports bandages, order a courier in Kiev or delivery in Ukraine. Our managers provide a free consultation on the selection of anabolic supplements and sports equipment. Call the numbers listed in the "Contacts" section or place an order online. The catalogs of the Proteininkiev web resource have a wide selection of sports bandages, but it is not always possible to make the right choice without professional advice.

      Sports bandages are a universal component of the equipment of almost any athlete, which allows you to protect ligaments and joints from injuries and sprains. Also, a properly wound bandage allows you to somewhat strengthen your grip, increasing strength in basic and multi-joint exercises.

      You can also buy bandages for martial arts and boxing from us. Our consultants will explain how to properly wrap and choose boxing bandages.

      It is known that regular training contributes to excessive stress on the ligamentous-articular apparatus. Muscles recover much faster. That is, having crossed the line of a certain weight on the bar, the muscle group can fully recover by the next workout, but the ligaments cannot. At the same time, we do 80% of the exercises with our hands and even prepare shells for work with our hands too.

      Sports bandages are an integral part of the iron lover's athletic equipment. Even when working with light and medium weights, the use of bandages is also reasonable, because at any moment one arm can take on more load than the other, and as a result there will be an injury. Sports bandages, in addition to insurance, play the role of a tourniquet. That is, the correct winding of the bandage contributes to a noticeable increase in strength. In most cases, powerlifting federations even insist that the athlete use sports bands.

      Benefits of sports bandages

      • Prevent serious injuries to the hand, knee, elbow, etc.
      • Prevent stretching of ligaments and muscles
      • Maintain normal intramuscular pressure
      • Contribute to an increase in power performance with proper winding
      • Suitable even for iron sport beginners

      Sports bands have been used since the "golden era of bodybuilding", as well as by famous weightlifters. Their price is quite low compared to the long shelf life and the benefits that they give to their owner.

    • Shakers

      In our online store you can buy a shaker at the most affordable price in Ukraine - order delivery by Nova Poshta or courier in Kiev. If necessary, our managers provide a free consultation on the selection of sports nutrition or athletic equipment.

      You can buy any shaker, but not everyone can make the right choice. As often happens that after a month of regular use, the shaker starts to leak near the thread or simply cracks and is thrown away. That is why we advise buyers before buying. For example, you can buy a silicone shaker for two or three years and not worry that it will leak or stink quickly. But if you buy a plastic shaker, there is a high probability that it will crack with a sharp change in temperature - therefore it is better to use it only for cold drinks (proteins, gainers, isotonics).

      The use of a shaker implies its proper use. Whatever the price, the shaker must be washed systematically. And after each drunk cocktail, especially protein.

      There are several types of shaker design, but in fact the volume is important, which can be from 250 to 850 ml. The choice directly depends on what cocktail will be prepared in it. For example, a shaker with a volume of 600-750 ml is suitable for a gainer, and 500 ml is enough for a protein. There are also supplements that can be washed down with a couple of sips of water.

      Clients quite often ask the question: “Which is better to take a shaker: with a ball or a mesh?”. Answer: any. It doesn't really matter what kind of blender it is. It may not be at all, and cocktails will be perfectly prepared, the main thing is to shake well. The ball allegedly breaks lumps, and the mesh - less. In fact, you need to know how to properly prepare protein shakes:

      • In no case should you pour the protein with hot water - it will curl up, and the drink will resemble oatmeal
      • First pour the water and only then pour the powder mixture, and not vice versa.

      And then you can not worry that there will be lumps.

    • Water bottles

      We offer to buy a sports water bottle on our sports nutrition and athletic accessories web resource. A wide selection of plastic and silicone bottles will satisfy the wishes of any athlete. It is important to understand that only cold water (or isotonics) can be poured into plastic sports bottles, and cold, warm and closer to hot water can be poured into silicone bottles. However, it is better not to pour boiling water. Hence the price of sports bottles is different. Volume also affects the cost.

      Sports bottles, unlike disposable mineral water or soda bottles, are made of special plastic that does not release toxic substances into the water. It should be noted that an unpleasant smell at the first opening indicates that no one has touched the athletic bottle yet, and it is made at a specialized factory. It is quite simple to remove this smell: it is enough to rinse it several times, and it is better to fill it with water for an hour, then pour it out and repeat the procedure one more time. This is the case with plastic bottles. Silicone bottles rarely smell unpleasant, and if they smell, the smell can be washed off in one go.

      On average, with careful use of a sports bottle, it lasts for one and a half to two years. If you want to buy a sports bottle for the gym, then any will do, and if for hiking, it is better to take a silicone sports bottle: it will survive any climatic conditions. The storage conditions are quite simple: when the bottle runs out of liquid, it is advisable to open it within 24 hours, rinse it and leave it to dry or immediately fill it with liquid.

      If you want to buy a sports bottle for the first time and do not know which one to choose, our managers will be happy to advise you on the selection of athletic equipment and sports nutrition, as well as help you choose a training program and a sports diet. Order a free call or write to us in the online chat.

      In the catalogs of our site you will find supplements for gaining mass, increasing strength, drying, etc.

    • Gloves

      You can buy fitness gloves in our sports nutrition store. Order a courier in Kiev or delivery in Ukraine. If necessary, our managers provide free consultations on the selection of sports supplements and athletic accessories. Place an order online on the site or call the numbers listed on the site.

      Among athletic gloves, there are several subcategories: for power sports, where the brush is overloaded in almost every workout, for fitness, men's and women's. The latter differ only in size and color. Gloves for powerlifting, bodybuilding, crossfit, etc. have a feature that keeps the hands safe - these are bandages that fix the ligaments / tendons, which protect them from injury. Of course, you can buy sports bandages separately, but gloves with bandages are much more convenient. Fitness gloves do not provide such protection, but they have their advantages: they are very light and do not soar hands, which is important for cardio training or drying. But such gloves, for example, will not be suitable for a heavy lifter-style press with a closed grip.

      The advantage of any gloves is to protect the athlete from injury and slightly increase strength. After all, how often does it happen that an athlete pulls weight with his back, and his hands are so wet that the barbell simply slips out of his hands. At the same time, beginners do not use magnesia. Also, gloves are an indispensable attribute of mixed training, where strength and endurance are needed. For example, in crossfit, fractions of a second can separate from victory, and in kettlebell lifting (for beginners) it will be quite difficult without gloves.

      Here you can buy sports gloves for fitness, bodybuilding, powerlifting and other types of strength training. How to choose gloves, ask our managers. Sometimes the size on the package may differ slightly from reality. This is due to the fact that each person is unique, and someone's arm is thicker, longer, wider, etc. All products in the catalogs of our website are purchased from official manufacturers of sports nutrition and athletic accessories.

    • Sport bags

      We offer to buy sports bags in Ukraine at the most affordable price on our sports nutrition website. You can order delivery by Nova Poshta, courier in Kiev, or come to our office and pick up sports nutrition or athletic accessories yourself. Our managers are not only specialists in the field of sales, but each of them has been in the gym for more than ten years and knows firsthand how to build mass or increase strength. All consultations on the selection of sports nutrition, we provide free of charge.

      A sports bag, unlike ordinary or backpacks, is made of a special fabric that does not absorb unpleasant odors. The volume of the bag directly depends on the wishes of the athlete, however, in any case, the sports bag has a compact shape against the backdrop of a large volume.

      If you want to buy a sports bag, then, first of all, you need to rely on your own preferences in terms of what will be in it. The athlete does not always remember that in addition to things, a bottle of water or a shaker is placed in a sports bag, which can leak or spill. For things, a bag with one or two pockets is enough. If you carry sportswear, a shaker, sports nutrition, etc. in an athletic bag, then there should be much more pockets. Some manufacturers of athletic equipment make special compartments for shakers and pillboxes. In this way, unpleasant moments are avoided.

      The cost of a sports bag is affected by the fabric from which it is made, model (design), number of compartments and volume. That is, a high price does not always mean quality. If you are a beginner athlete who wears shoes and pants for the gym, then buying a very expensive gym bag simply does not make sense. However, if you plan to use protein shakes or gainers in the future, then it is better to immediately buy a sports bag with several compartments or special pockets for a shaker.

    • Pill boxes
    • Boxing caps
    • Protection
    • calipers
    • Straps, hooks for...
    • Shorts for weight loss
      Slimming shorts are a special piece of clothing that is used to correct the figure and reduce volume in the hips and lower abdomen. Such shorts are quite popular among women who want to lose weight and get rid of excess volume, as well as cellulite, especially on the front, back of the thigh and buttocks.
      Body shaping shorts are a product made of more often synthetic fabric in combination with rubber materials that create a slimming and thermal insulating effect. The most commonly used material is neoprene (in simple terms, foam rubber 3-5 mm thick. Lycra, elastane, nylon, polyamide and cotton are also used. The length of slimming shorts is usually just above the knee or captures the upper part of the calf, the upper part fits the stomach and goes for the umbilical line.
      By purpose, shorts can be divided into two large groups:
      • Directly for weight loss, active effect, improved perspiration, etc.;
      • For visual body shaping: these shorts are worn as thermal underwear under tight dresses and similar clothes, where you want to create the effect of more slender legs and stomach and toned buttocks.
      The most famous effect that slimming shorts represent is the “sauna effect”. Under a fully synthetic fabric, the skin is very warm, active sweating and fluid removal begin. In such shorts, it is recommended not to walk all day, but to wear directly for sports for no longer than an hour. It is effective to use such shorts for aerobic exercise (cardio training in the gym, running, cycling).
      Many girls are familiar with procedures for reducing the volume of the hips and especially minimizing cellulite, which are carried out with the help of wrapping problem areas with cling film. The use of anti-cellulite slimming shorts is based on the same principle. Moreover, there are even shorts soaked in pepper tincture and other substances that stimulate blood circulation.
      It is worth remembering that although some manufacturers of sports accessories promise a "passive effect" of slimming shorts, for really visible results and healthy weight loss, you need to adhere to proper nutrition, as well as ensure regular targeted physical activity. Special items of clothing, such as shorts, can only speed up the process.
      Corrective shorts have a number of contraindications, including varicose veins, skin diseases, kidney disease, thrombosis, dermatitis, etc. Before buying, carefully read the full list or consult your doctor.
      You can buy slimming shorts on the Proteininkiev sports nutrition website. If you are looking for products to improve your figure, also check out the thermogenic fat burners and L-carnitine, which can be found in our catalogs.
    • Fitness mats
    • Magnesia
      Magnesia in sports is a magnesium salt in the form of a specific white powder or solution, which is used to prevent slipping of the hands: the skin of the palms is dried. This increases the reliability of the grip, so that the barbell (another projectile) does not slip out of your hands.
      Magnesia is a light, crumbly, friable powder that absorbs water very well. It is precisely because of this that it is successfully used in any sport where exercises / physical process imply a strong hold in the hand of equipment, a projectile, simulator handles, etc.
      When exercising, the athlete's palms naturally sweat. In strength training, this phenomenon is especially noticeable during high-volume training - with high reps and moderate weights - as sweating increases. When training with large weights, even a small amount of sweat on the palms can lead to the barbell / dumbbells slipping out of the hands, which is traumatic.
      After applying magnesia to the hands, sweat or water is instantly absorbed, the palms become dry. The grip of the skin surface with the projectile improves, the grip is strengthened. In bodybuilding, powerlifting, amateur sports in the gym, the use of magnesia is relevant for any barbell, dumbbell pulls, as well as for all types of bench press and pull-ups.
      In addition to sweaty hands, magnesium is used if the hands accidentally get wet, for example, when an athlete takes a sip of water or a sports cocktail. Sometimes moisture appears on the shells themselves due to condensation (during the warm season in a small room with a lot of people). In the case of outdoor outdoor exercise equipment, after rain, with high humidity, the use of magnesia is relevant.
      Magnesia is used in other sports: in gymnastics, horizontal bar exercises, rock climbing and any other where you need to hold something firmly in your hand.
      The powder form of magnesium is more common, but there is also a liquid solution. The solution fills the pores of the skin better, lasts longer on the hands. However, after application, you need to wait a few minutes until the liquid is completely dry, so this option is used less frequently in training, and almost never in competitions and performances.
      You can buy magnesium in the sports nutrition store " Proteininkiev ". To purchase, please call the specified phone numbers or place an order online.
    • Swimming accessories
    • jump ropes
    • Weights
    • Strength training...
    • Fitness gum
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