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    Gainer - sports nutritional supplement - a balanced mixture of nutrients: protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, creatine and components for complete absorption. There are several types of gainer, including high-protein and high-carbohydrate ones. The choice of a gainer primarily depends on the goals of the athlete. Buying a gainer in Kyiv and Ukraine is quite simple.

    Gainer is a biologically pure product, the main purpose of which is to accelerate the process of growth of general muscles. Recommended for people with ecto...

    Gainer - sports nutritional supplement - a balanced mixture of nutrients: protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, creatine and components for complete absorption. There are several types of gainer, including high-protein and high-carbohydrate ones. The choice of a gainer primarily depends on the goals of the athlete. Buying a gainer in Kyiv and Ukraine is quite simple.

    Gainer is a biologically pure product, the main purpose of which is to accelerate the process of growth of general muscles. Recommended for people with ectomorphic and mesomorphic body types. For athletes who are prone to fullness, it is rational to buy a protein with a low content of milk sugar.

    It should be noted: the gainer is not a substitute for nutrition - it is a food supplement to the main diet. To grow muscle mass, you need to consume an excess of daily protein and calories. Consuming that many calories from food is difficult.

    It is generally accepted that muscle growth is carried out with the help of proteins - this is not true. Without going into scientific terminology, carbohydrates are an energy resource. Existing muscles need to be recharged, otherwise energy will be expended from globular connections.

    Manufacturers of sports nutrition focus on the maximum investment of carbohydrates in a gainer - this type of product is suitable for athletes with an accelerated metabolism. There is a group of drugs with a high concentration of proteins of different decay rates - these are whey, egg, casein, soy. The category of such geners is perfect for mesomorphs - people who have naturally developed muscles, and with age, in the absence of physical activity, there is a risk of acquiring a fatty layer. The average concentration of carbohydrates with a low glycemic index will not allow you to gain weight at the expense of fat, provided that you visit the gym regularly.

    The action of the gainer begins after a few minutes: this is of great importance - it is after the end of physical activity that the body needs to be recharged. In the absence of nutrients entering the body (if the protein-carbohydrate window is not closed), catabolic processes begin. Any training for the body is stress, which entails the synthesis of many hormones. The main enemy of any bodybuilder is cortisol. If you do not saturate the muscles with protein and carbohydrates after the training process, the risk of muscle tissue atrophy increases - the body consumes energy reserves from the muscles. Drinking a gainer or protein after visiting the gym is a must.

    • Maltodextrin...

      Maltodextrin buy at the most reasonable price we offer on our website of athletic supplements. Order a courier in Kiev or delivery by Nova Poshta in Ukraine. Our managers will contact you as soon as possible after placing an order online. Also, you can always call our office during business hours of the online store. If necessary, you get a free consultation on the selection of sports nutrition , as well as recommendations on the preparation of training programs.

      Maltodextrin is a fast-digesting carbohydrate that contributes to the fastest possible set of muscle and total mass. Unlike sugar or simple carbohydrates, maltodextrin does not harm the body. Before entering the cell, malta passes through the liver, while the bonds of glucose molecules are destroyed - a sharp rise in insulin production and a subsequent drop in glucose levels are excluded.

      Maltodextrin is primarily used by people with a lean body type, whose calorie requirements are much higher. The athlete is simply not able to fill the daily calorie requirement for many reasons: no time to cook/eat, a full stomach, etc. One cocktail with malta replaces one meal. Of course, you cannot completely replace it - no more than three cocktails per day. Nutritionists recommend mixing maltodextrin with protein powders. One such drink is able to close the anabolic window after a forced fasting or weight training.

      The price of maltodextrin is relatively low, which is what sports nutrition manufacturers use, overestimating the price of a gainer, where malta is the main component. Regardless of which country maltodextrin is made in, its properties are almost the same. That is, it is much more reasonable to buy a separate malta, a separate prot and interfere with a gainer. In our online store there are already such mixtures with a normal price and confectionery sweeteners. However, if your goal is to gain weight as quickly as possible, then maltodextrin without protein is a good place to start.

      Absolutely in all gainers, the bulk of the active ingredients are malta and sugar, and vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc. placed in scanty quantities purely for advertising the product.

    • High Protein Gainer

      You can buy a high protein gainer on our Proteininkiev sports nutrition website. If necessary, our managers will help you decide which sports supplement is best for you to buy in order to achieve a specific goal. To do this, please contact the numbers listed in the "Contacts" or write to the online chat.

      High Protein Gainer - a protein-carbohydrate mixture with increased nutritional value and a high protein content. It is used to increase overall body weight, as well as close the anabolic window that occurs after training or other heavy physical activity. Unlike a high-carb gainer, this type of supplement can be used not only by ectomorphs (naturally thin people with a fast metabolism), but also by endomorphs and mesomorphs - the likelihood of fat deposition is unlikely with an active lifestyle and regular training.

      A high-protein gainer usually contains about 25-45% protein, and 50-60% carbohydrates, respectively. The remaining components are vitamins, minerals, trace elements and special enzymes for proper and maximum absorption. A gainer with a high protein content not only stimulates a set of total mass and gives energy, but also effectively nourishes muscle tissue with amino acids. In a high-quality high-protein gainer, carbohydrates are usually low glycemic index, the exception is maltodextrin, which does not cause a sharp rise in insulin and is very effective for weight gain not due to fat, but due to muscle growth.

      High Protein Gainer Features

      • Protein takes up at least ¼ of the total composition
      • Suitable for high protein diet
      • Suitable for use during the period of building lean muscle mass, increasing strength and endurance
      • Provides muscle tissue with building blocks (amino acids) and provides readily available energy for training
      • Effectively prevents catabolic processes during the recovery period
      • Helps to close the so-called "protein-carbohydrate" window immediately after training
      • In one serving, usually no more than 500 kcal

      How to use a high protein gainer

      Recommendations for use vary depending on the composition and energy value, however, general advice is as follows. On training days, drink 2-4 servings (since it is during this period that the body needs the most energy), while serving half an hour before training and immediately after. On recovery days - 1-3 servings.

    • High Carb Gainer

      A high-carb gainer is a subspecies of one of the most popular types of sports nutrition - a gainer. This is a protein-carbohydrate mixture, in which, as the name implies, the emphasis is on carbohydrates. This athletic supplement is used mainly during the period of weight gain, as well as to simplify the addition of daily calories, which is increased with regular physical exertion. A high-carb gainer is recommended for use by people with a lean body type, who often find it difficult to gain muscle and overall mass - ectomorphs. People with other types of body constitution (mesomorphs and endomorphs) can drink such a cocktail only after training to close the anabolic window, but it is still recommended to pay attention to a high-protein gainer.

      High Carb Gainer Features

      • The percentage of carbohydrates in the composition of 70% and above, proteins - from 20% and below
      • Contains different types of carbohydrates: simple and complex with a predominance of the latter
      • Applies only to the period of gaining total mass
      • Often enriched with vitamins and special enzymes for proper absorption
      • One serving contains about 1000-1300 kcal

      In a high-carb gainer, the protein part is 1/5 of the total composition or less. It can be represented by whey protein (most often) or a mixture of different proteins. The carbohydrate component in a quality gainer is represented by complex carbohydrates that are absorbed within a few hours and do not cause a sharp release of insulin into the blood. The most popular carbohydrates in the composition of the gainer is maltodextrin, which is considered the most effective for increasing body weight, while the likelihood of deposition of body fat is minimal, of course, with regular and targeted training.

      How to take high-carb gainers?

      A serving is usually 3-5 scoops mixed in water, juice or milk. A portion is taken in the morning, as well as immediately after a workout to replenish the spent resources. You can also take it during the day between meals to get the right amount of calories, but it is important to remember that a gainer is an addition to a balanced diet, not a replacement for it.

      You can buy high-carb gainers and other supplements at the Proteininkiev sports nutrition store . If necessary, our managers will tell you which supplement is best for you.

    • Glucose
      Glucose in sports nutrition is a dietary supplement in powder form, which is used to form glycogen in the body and nourish muscles, including the heart. As a versatile energy source, glucose is highly valued in power sports.
      The term "glucose" is on everyone's lips, but not everyone correctly understands the purpose of this substance, and even more so the benefits that it can bring with regular physical activity.
      In terms of chemical composition, glucose is a common monosaccharide (simple sugar) found in many fruits and berries; also the end product of the breakdown of disaccharides. The main function in the body is to provide readily available energy and the formation of glycogen stores. The level of glucose rises after eating any meal, and decreases during fasting and physical exertion.
      It is known that all metabolic processes in the body require energy, and glucose is its universal source: all cells are able to absorb it. And with the help of the process of glycolysis, ATP is formed from glucose - the minimum units of energy that are necessary, among other things, for muscle contraction. Glycogen stores, stored mainly in the muscles and liver, are broken down into glucose during exercise and provide energy.
      Glucose intake allows you to train more productively, train longer and more intensely, since fatigue at the end of the training comes due to the depletion of glycogen stores. You should not allow a strong use of glycogen from the muscles, as this leads to a decrease in performance and a slower recovery rate. To avoid this, you need to eat carbohydrate-rich foods a couple of hours before training, and immediately before starting to drink a portion of glucose.

      Application of glucose

      A single serving of glucose is usually 25 grams (2 tablespoons), but the serving size may vary depending on the degree of exercise, body weight and other individual parameters. It is recommended to take on an empty stomach in the morning, before training, and during a long workout. A portion is mixed in water or added to a sports cocktail. Often glucose is in the composition of the gainer.
      Another use of glucose is in combination with creatine monohydrate, which is known to be better absorbed with elevated insulin levels in the blood. It is for this reason that it is recommended to drink grape juice.
      You can buy glucose on the sports nutrition website . We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the gainers presented in our catalogs.
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      A classic Dutch protein based gainer with a great taste.

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    • Carbohydrates Proteininkiev - Maltodextrin

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    • Dietary supplement Power Pro - Gainer is a protein-carbohydrate complex to accelerate the gain of total body weight due to muscle without fat deposition.

      362 грн
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      Gainer is a dietary supplement containing mainly high-quality protein (protein) and carbohydrates, due to which it has a high anabolic effect.

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      The most abundant monosaccharide.

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      A product designed specifically for athletes who have difficulty gaining weight and muscle mass.

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      It is a low calorie fasting stimulant containing high quality creatine monohydrate, glutamine and taurine, which are needed to strengthen the human body.

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