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Almost the most common amino acid in the body, and muscles consist of 60% of it, this once again emphasizes its importance in bodybuilding.

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25% discount - 19493 - Glutamine Stark Pharm - L-Glutamine (1000 grams) with an expiration date of 07/01/2022.

Stark L-Glutamine Powder Stark Pharm is a sports anabolic drug in powder form - pure glutamine. The supplement has many positive features, but the most pronounced are the acceleration of recovery processes, the strengthening of immunity, the prevention of the cardiovascular system and the increase in cognitive concentration. Due to the fact that the drug is not therapeutic or medicinal, the effect does not appear immediately, however, even novice bodybuilders notice an increase in dry weight after 2 weeks of regular use. Of course, with regular visits to the gym.

Why take Stark L-Glutamine Powder

Empirical studies have found that daily intake of glutamine strengthens the immune system and eliminates apathy. Also, the additional intake of glutamine can increase mental abilities - this has been repeatedly proven by students of higher educational institutions. Sports portions, that is, higher ones, accelerate the recovery processes associated with the regeneration of damaged muscle fibers. It is from glutamine that the synthesis of essential amino acids is possible, its absence in the body can lead to a fatal outcome. And, as you know, the consumption of nutrients and amino acids in an athlete is much higher than in a non-training person.

The effect of taking Stark L-Glutamine Powder

  • Active growth of lean muscle mass with regular training
  • Strengthening the immune system and central nervous system
  • Replenishment of the daily requirement for glutamine
  • Normalization of metabolic processes
  • Increase explosive strength and endurance
  • Increasing mental and cognitive focus
  • Accelerated recovery of damaged muscle fibers
  • Prevention of the cardiovascular system

Directions for use of Stark L-Glutamine Powder

To achieve the most pronounced result, take 1-2 scoops of the drug several times a day. It can also be put in a protein shake or gainer .

Drink a serving of glutamine immediately after training and it is best to combine with BCAAs , thus maintaining a positive nitrogen balance and blocking excessive catabolism.

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