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    Nootropics and functional drugs

    Adaptogens and nootropics are a class of nutritional supplements for the prevention and normalization of mental and cognitive attention. They are used to restore neurometabolic imbalance, as well as increase mental and physical performance.
    On the site , all the products presented in the catalogs belong to the category of dietary supplements - they do not require special recommendations for use. Overdoses are disposed of from the body - only that small part of the active substances of adaptogens and nootropics remains, whic...
    Adaptogens and nootropics are a class of nutritional supplements for the prevention and normalization of mental and cognitive attention. They are used to restore neurometabolic imbalance, as well as increase mental and physical performance.
    On the site , all the products presented in the catalogs belong to the category of dietary supplements - they do not require special recommendations for use. Overdoses are disposed of from the body - only that small part of the active substances of adaptogens and nootropics remains, which the metabolic functions of the body are able to accept.
    Regular intake of such supplements is preventive in nature. In some cases, it is prescribed to enhance medications. In sports, they are used as stimulants and / or pre-workout complexes. Usually adaptogen and nootropic are used separately.

    Who is recommended to take

    • Students before an important exam, offset during the preparation period on the eve of testing;
    • Businessmen who, for one reason or another, are exhausted, which as a result leads to a violation of cognitive focus;
    • Athletes seeking to progress in their sport by minimizing recovery time between sets and improving exercise technique;
    • The average person leading an active lifestyle.
    Adaptogens and nootropics have gained wide popularity due to their effectiveness, against the background of the complete absence of side effects with high efficiency from taking. Also, these supplements are known for being able to help in the fight against drug addiction, alcoholism and other addictions.
    It is important to understand: 90% of adaptogens and nootropics are created on a natural plant basis without synthetic inclusions. Habituation or dependence even on portions above the norm was not noted. Moreover, in some cases, for example, in the fight against nicotine addiction, an increase in a single portion is relevant, of course, after consulting a doctor.
    We offer to buy adaptogens and nootropics in Ukraine, Kyiv on our website of sports nutrition and athletic accessories. If you do not yet have experience in taking such substances, feel free to ask our consultants orally or in writing. The price and delivery time depend on the selected drug.

    You can also buy samplers of nootropics and adaptogens, up to one capsule.

    Special sports supplements are several categories of sports nutrition, which include drugs with a narrowly focused or auxiliary action. Unlike basic sports supplements, they are used in courses or on a relatively permanent basis (as chondroprotectors, for example). The purpose of taking special sports supplements is to improve progress in any chosen sports direction by normalizing the general condition of the body, protecting organs and tissues from damage, naturally increasing your own testosterone, etc.

    You can buy special sports supplements in our Proteininkiev sports nutrition store. The catalogs of the site in this section contain antioxidants, drugs to protect the liver and the joint-ligamentous apparatus, testosterone boosters, supplements to strengthen the immune system. If you have any questions about the choice of additives, please contact our managers by phone or write to e-mail.

    What are special sports supplements for?

    Testosterone boosters are natural substances that help increase the production of the hormone testosterone to the maximum genetic level, as well as restore its synthesis after the end of the course of taking steroids. With the help of testosterone boosters, it will be possible to raise training to a qualitatively new level, motivation and desire to train also increase, and male sexual energy also increases.

    Antioxidants are organic compounds that block the negative effects of free radicals that are formed during exercise. Protects organs from toxic substances and improves the general condition of the body.

    Chondroprotectors serve to strengthen and maintain the health of connective tissue: ligaments, joints, bones, tendons, cartilage. They help to avoid injuries and microtraumas associated with the above.

    All special sports supplements enhance the effectiveness of more common ones, such as proteins, gainers, fat burners, etc. After all, if the body is sufficiently cleansed of toxic substances, then nutritional supplements are absorbed and act much better. And if the ligamentous-articular apparatus is protected from overload and trauma, then you can train at full strength without fear of unpleasant consequences, such as pain in the joints.

    You can read more about each special sports supplement in the corresponding category or product card.

    • Relaxants (natural)
      Relaxants are biologically active additives synthesized predominantly from plant materials, in rare cases synthetically. They are used to relax the central nervous system, as well as the psycho-emotional background. This class of additives belongs to the preventive ones - their purchase does not require prior consultation with a doctor. Any relaxant on the website is not a medical or medicinal product.
      There is a misconception that this kind of supplements have an effect on human skeletal muscles. This statement is supported by a superficial knowledge of naturopathy and biochemistry. Most types of relaxants cross the blood-brain barrier and affect the mental state of a person, utilizing negative thoughts, which allows the body to relax.
      The negative is eliminated by increasing cognitive performance. As a result, a person finds the root of the problem and looks at it without fear and fear, which allows him to relax physically and mentally. However, relaxants do not give a feeling of euphoria, since they are not narcotic substances. The principle of drug operation is to dull and replace the synthesis of dopamine, serotonin, and other hormones that regulate a joyful state. In the case of relaxants, the effect is the opposite: they increase the production of their own hormones of joy without harm to health.
      Due to this property, relaxants are used in the fight against drug, alcohol or nicotine addiction. In general, their effect is invaluable for a modern person. Some species can even get rid of depression or a jittery state. Their regular intake allows you to bring the psyche to a completely different level.

      When is the best time to take

      • Before competitions in sports, also before training with heavy weights, where it is necessary to observe the exact technique of performing movements;
      • Before an important meeting, for example, with a business partner;
      • A few hours before an exam or test at a secondary / higher educational institution;
      We offer to buy relaxants in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine on our web resource of athletic supplements and sports accessories "Proteininkiev". Order delivery by New mail or courier around the city. If necessary, you will receive an absolutely free consultation on the selection and use of relaxants.
      If this is your first time buying these supplements, you might be interested in a sampler.
    • Mental optimization...

      Nootropics are specific drugs that have a stimulating effect on the most complex mental processes (memory, thinking, perception and speech). Under the action is meant the stimulation of the working capacity of the brain: the activation of cognitive functions, the improvement of memory and the ability to learn.

      Without going into scientific terminology, after using a nootropic drug, the information received from the outside world (whether it be the environment, books, articles, etc.) is perceived much easier, while more useful information is remembered. It also increases the efficiency and desire to do something. It is known that after spending 30% of the energy resource, the body tends to rest, and productivity in the scientific field, at work or in the gym falls. The nootropic allows you to increase this percentage: some drugs, such as modafinil, delay the feeling of fatigue until 70-90% of the energy resource is spent. However, you should always remember that after such loads the body needs to rest.

      Among the nootropics, there are drugs that have a therapeutic and prophylactic effect on the body:

      • Reducing the depressive state caused by apathy - the feeling of "lethargy" and drowsiness (narcolepsy) disappears;
      • Adaptive functions increase - resistance to stressful situations and the overall resistance of the body increase;
      • Exhaustion decreases, as well as mental and physical asthenia;
      • Some drugs act as stimulants, eliminating psychological lethargy, apathy, hypobulia, and other motivators of unwillingness to do something or live;
      • Decreased irritability and psycho-emotional excitability, however, not all nootropics have such properties;
      • Hypoglycemic action is aimed at lowering the level of glucose in the blood;
      • Biostimulating ergogenic effect - promotes accelerated recovery after exhausting physical exertion;
      • Promotes the synthesis of growth hormone and other anabolic hormones;
      • Activate lipolysis - a process associated with the oxidation of body fat.

      You can read more about the properties of each nootropic in the product description, but the most common effect is to improve brain function, increase efficiency and improve memory. The action of the drug can last from 4 to 24 hours, in individual cases - more.

      We offer to buy nootropics (nootropic) in Kyiv, Ukraine in our store at the best prices. For more detailed information, please contact the numbers listed on the site.

    • Sleep and routine...
      We offer to buy drugs to improve sleep and normalize the regimen on our website of sports nutrition and athletic accessories. Order delivery in Kiev, Ukraine. Ask questions in the chat window or call the numbers listed in the contacts section.
      Complexes for improving sleep and normalizing the regimen help improve the quality of the body's rest during night sleep, adapt and get used to the sleep-wake schedule. The product is preventive. They are recommended for use as dietary supplements. Their acquisition does not require special recommendations from a doctor or a written prescription.
      As you know, the progress of an athlete in sports directly depends on quality sleep at night, since it is at night that a huge amount of growth hormone is produced. A get up and down schedule is also important, especially if meal frequency plays a big role in your training plan. Sleep aids are the supplements that will help you get the most out of your regenerative processes while you sleep.

      Difference from sleeping pills

      Please note: This category of dietary supplements is not a sleep aid. Moreover, sports recovery complexes allow you to get rid of addiction to sleeping pills or similar synthetic sedatives. The principle of their work is absolutely opposite.
      Sleeping pills, getting into the body, replaces and blocks the synthesis of most hormones that regulate sleep, and also has a soporific effect that is not natural for the body. This subsequently causes addiction - without sleeping pills it is difficult to fall asleep.
      Athletic drugs to improve sleep are most often synthesized from plant extracts and are natural. Once in the body, they contribute to the production of their own hormones that regulate sleep.
      The difference is that the former suppress the natural functioning of the body, causing addiction, while the latter improve the functioning of the body, destroying any dependence on sedatives. Thus, the unnatural load on the body systems, which was previously in a state of dependence, is removed.

      The effect of taking supplements for sleep and regimen

      • It's easy to fall asleep after the lights go out
      • Prolongs deep sleep
      • Improves the production of somatotropic growth hormone
      • Maintains a positive nitrogenous environment
      • Accelerates awakening - no feeling of apathy after sleep
    • Memory improvement
    • Stimulants

      Psychoactive substances and drugs that stimulate the function of the central nervous system: improve memory, speed up thinking, eliminate drowsiness, increase cognitive abilities. In addition, stimulants activate motor activity, speed up metabolism and promote fat burning, which is why they are often used in bodybuilding.

    • Adaptation to loads...

      You can buy adaptogens in our online store. It is enough to place an order online or call the numbers listed on the site. The catalogs of the Proteininkiev web resource contain a wide selection of non-pharmaceutical nutritional supplements.

      Adaptogens are a category of nutritional supplements of plant or synthetic origin. They are used to adapt the body to non-standard or stressful situations. These include physical activity in the gym. After all, damage to muscle tissue during the approach is stress. To adapt the body to such loads, you need to eat right and time. To speed up adaptive processes, bodybuilders and iron lovers use adaptogens of natural plant origin.

      Scientists, businessmen, students, creative personalities, due to many factors, often change their place of residence or work environment. Change of environment negatively affects productivity, which entails a lot of negative consequences. Adaptogens allow the human body to adapt to new conditions, climate, etc. in the shortest possible time.

      In power sports, especially powerlifting, power extreme sports and weightlifting, special attention is paid to the adaptive processes of the body. Often in these types of training there are no failure approaches (repetitions), where the partner helps to finish the last time. The training plan is divided into several macrocycles, including periods for endurance, strength, explosive power and reaching the peak of strength. Each period requires patience from the athlete. Often you have to work with one weight for several weeks (a certain day of the week - a certain weight). Subsequently, the athlete's body gets used to the weight and does not perceive the working weight as stressful. Then you can increase the KPSh or the weight on the bar. However, getting used to the weight can take months. Some simply can not stand it and resort to the use of steroids, not knowing that there are drugs without side effects - adaptogens.

    • Testosterone Boosters

      Testosterone boosters are a category of sports nutrition for stimulating the production of your own testosterone. There are five main subcategories that increase the production of the male hormone:

      Tribulus (Tribulus Terrestris), DAA (D-aspartic acid), DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone, DHEA), ZMA (zinc, magnesium, vitamin B6), complex preparations.

      You can buy testosterone boosters in our online sports nutrition store. Please note: we do not sell steroids or other hormonal substances. The catalog of our site contains drugs to increase your own testosterone.

      In the world of bodybuilding, there is an opinion that it is impossible to achieve maximum results without the use of anabolic steroids. On the one hand, this is true, because simple buckwheat with milk will not be enough to reach Olympia. But people who do it just for fun, may well achieve high results on their own testosterone.

      Due to many circumstances, including genetics, overtraining, general fatigue, psychological stress, etc. the synthesis of one's own testosterone slows down or falls. It is harder for a man to force himself to go to the gym. The body becomes flabby, and this, in turn, negatively affects sexual life.

      Every man has certain hormonal limits that nature has endowed him with (relatively speaking). Within this framework, the synthesis of testosterone either decreases or increases. With age, it falls: this is especially influenced by social conditions or psychological stress.

      Testosterone boosters naturally increase the synthesis of your own testosterone hormone. After the end of the course, there will be no "kickbacks" or side effects - this is not a hormonal drug.

      Each supplement has its own characteristics, but the effect of most begins after almost a week of regular use. The course lasts about 40 days, then you need to take a short break. The body needs to rest, otherwise the body will adapt to a constant stimulus from the outside, and will not respond positively to it.

    • Anabolic drugs

      Anabolic drugs in sports nutrition are a category unique in their properties, the representatives of which belong to the category of dietary supplements: that is, they are not prohibited, but at the same time they provide great support to the body when doing strength sports, which can be compared with the effect of steroid drugs. Moreover, they are comparatively called "natural steroids" due to the anabolic response they cause in the body of an athlete who trains in the gym with large weights in order to increase muscle mass and strength.

      The results of taking anabolic steroids -BAD-ok:

      1.      Active increase in lean muscle mass against the background of a decrease in body fat.
      2.      Faster and more complete regeneration after physical exertion (this also applies to muscle tissue and other body systems.
      3.      Increased performance during training: improves endurance, performance, productivity.
      4.      A positive effect on the metabolism of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, including antidiabetic activity.
      5.      Improving strength and speed-strength characteristics both within individual training sessions and in the long term (without the rollback effect).

      Benefits of anabolic dietary supplements:

      •        suitable for both men and women;
      •        do not have an unnatural effect on the hormonal system;
      •        there is no rollback effect, because they do not artificially increase testosterone levels, but help to get more out of the training process - the results will remain after the end of the intake.

      In anabolic drugs, dietary supplements, it is impossible to single out one specific effect on the body, since the mechanism of their action is different, but the above effects allow them to be combined within one category. Below is an example of specific supplements to help you achieve your fitness goals.


      It is reasonable to ask how anabolic drugs affect health . Considering that in this category only dietary supplements are presented in the Proteininkiev store , the answer to this question is appropriate. If you follow the recommendations for taking harm to the body, such additives will not bring, it is enough to familiarize yourself with the standard contraindications and instructions for taking. If an individual reaction is observed during administration, the dosage can be reduced, which is described in more detail in the description of each product. However, this individual reaction is no more terrible than the reaction to citrus fruits.


      So, one of the anabolic drugs in our online store is bemitil, which has been used by athletes of the Soviet Union since the 70s of the last century. This active substance has a positive effect on literally all aspects associated with progress in strength sports: training, muscle recovery, renewal of resources. Firstly, being an actoprotector, bemitil reduces the body's need for oxygen and reduces heat production, which in practice means higher performance, reduced shortness of breath even under extreme training conditions (heat, poorly ventilated room). Secondly, it increases the content of glycogen in the muscle, liver, heart, and increases the efficiency of tissue respiration. Thirdly, bemityl activates protein synthesis (RNA), increases energy production in the cell (that is why actoprotectors are considered among the approved anabolic drugs ).


      Another representative is ecdysterone, an active substance from the safflower plant Leuzea, which is a powerful adaptogen. On the one hand, it increases the adaptive capacity of the body and makes it easier for the body to take heavy loads. On the other hand, ecdysterone increases the size of muscle fibers, increases the level of insulin-like growth factor and neutralizes destructive hormones (estradiol, corticosterone) - ( source: Molecular Nutrition & Food Research. 2014;58(9):1861-1872 ).

      So, we can conclude that anabolic drugs from the category of dietary supplements support the body in a variety of ways during heavy physical activity and contribute to the adaptation of the body to them, allowing you to get more results from training and faster regeneration between them.

      Buy dietary supplements - anabolics in Online store " Proteininkiev " can be ordered by courier delivery in Kiev or by mail to any city in Ukraine.

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