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Bemitil Stark Pharm - Bemitil 250 mg (40 capsules) (similar to Antihot)

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The drug has been studied for rehabilitation, sports and prevention since the 70s, during which time it has been proven to be completely safe when used within the prescribed dosage.

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The drug has been studied for rehabilitation, sports and prevention since the 70s, during which time it has been proven to be completely safe when used within the prescribed dosage.

The first well-studied actoprotector was bemityl (2-ethylthiobenzimidazole hydrobromide), a benzimidazole derivative. As a drug that increases vitality. Take 0.25 g after meals once a day.

Since the drug has the ability to accumulate in the body, it can be taken no more than 6 days in a row, after which a three-day break is taken. With repeated doses, the positive effect of bemitil is enhanced for several days, and then the increase in working capacity is steadily maintained at the achieved level for the entire period of use of the drug.

Positive properties and effects of bemityl:

  • increase in physical performance;
  • mental alertness;
  • no side effects* (in most cases, no side effects).

Bemitil significantly increases overall endurance and body weight. Its effect is stronger, the higher the physical load. The increase in working capacity under the action of bemityl can reach 200%, especially in conditions of lack of oxygen. The drug increases resistance to high temperatures, from which it received the trade name Anti - against, Hot - heat.

The mechanism of action of bemitil is based on the activation of protein synthesis, or rather RNA, which resembles the fundamental mechanisms of action of anabolic agents (which is why actoprotectors are considered among the approved anabolic drugs). Enhancement of RNA synthesis by bemityl occurs, probably, as a result of the interaction of the drug with the genome due to a certain structural similarity between benzimidazole derivatives and purine bases of nucleic acids - adenine and guanine. Bemitil, obviously, is not the primary activator of specific genes, but only non-specifically, with the help of an as yet unknown mechanism, enhances the reactions of RNA synthesis that naturally occur at the moment in various tissues. This is confirmed by an increase in the processes of protein synthesis only in those organs that are actively functioning during the period of the presence of the drug in the body and in which such processes occur intensively. Among the proteins actively formed under the influence of bemityl, a number of short-lived proteins, in particular the enzymes of gluconeogenesis, are of the greatest importance. According to modern concepts, such proteins can play a key role in the processes of adaptation-disadaptation: their primary rapid synthesis determines the development of initial signs of adaptation, and the earliest decrease in the content in tissues serves as a trigger for maladaptation shifts. Bemitil, being a derivative of benzimidazole, has a structural similarity to purine bases, which allows it to activate the cell genome, enhance the synthesis of RNA and protein enzymes (in particular, enzymes of gluconeogenesis and mitochondrial oxidation), resulting in increased energy production in the cell, utilization of metabolic waste "and antioxidant protection (the formation of lipid hydroperoxides, diene conjugates, etc. is reduced).

Gluconeogenesis, which takes place mainly in the liver and kidney cortex, is the resynthesis of carbohydrates from their decay products (lactate and pyruvate), as well as from some amino acids (primarily alanine and glutamine) and glycerol. During exercise, the role of gluconeogenesis is also in the utilization of the produced lactic acid, one of the main factors that reduce performance. This process is associated with both the glucose-lactate cycle (Cori cycle) and the glucose-alanine cycle. The latter contributes to the neutralization and removal of not only lactate, but also nitrogenous decay products (ammonia, etc.). Gluconeogenesis, therefore, makes a large, and often decisive contribution to the maintenance of physical performance: during gluconeogenesis, metabolites that are formed during physical activity and negatively affect performance (lactate) are utilized; at the same time, very limited reserves of carbohydrates in the body are restored, which are obligatory, and during intense muscle loads - the main source of energy. Gluconeogenesis, in close conjunction with the glucose-alanine cycle and glutamine metabolism reactions, also performs other functions that are important for maintaining performance (reducing the formation of lactate and ammonia in muscles, utilizing and removing nitrogenous decay products from the body, and removing hydrogen ions). Activation of gluconeogenesis by bemitil is observed both during physical activity and during the recovery period. This is, according to numerous experimental data, the main link in the mechanism of increasing the efficiency of the drug. The mechanism of the positive effect of bemityl on mental and operator activity has been less studied. Here, too, activation of protein synthesis may be of some importance, but already in the structures of the nervous system.

It has also been found that bemityl has a beneficial effect on cerebral vessels. Finally, an increase in working capacity during these types of activity can be partly secondary, for example, after physical exertion, when it is to a certain extent a consequence of an improvement in the functional state of the body during and after exercise under the influence of bemitil. Important components of the mechanism of action of bemityl include: a decrease in the body's need for oxygen and a decrease in heat production. The subtle mechanisms of these effects have not yet been elucidated.

There is evidence that the drug suppresses some pathways of free non-phosphorylating oxidation, as well as maintaining mitochondria in a more conjugated state, especially when exposed to the body (in particular, heavy physical exertion), leading to uncoupling of oxidation and phosphorylation. This effect is probably associated with the protective effect of bemityl on the structure of mitochondria, which, in turn, may be partially due to increased synthesis of mitochondrial membrane components. The protective effect of the drug on the membranes is sometimes manifested by the suppression of lipid peroxidation processes, i.e., by a certain antioxidant effect.

All of the listed links of the mechanism of action, which cause a decrease in oxygen consumption by the body and the formation of heat, explain the high efficiency of bemitil as a means of increasing efficiency in conditions of hypoxia and high ambient temperature. The direct anabolic effect of bemitil on muscle tissue is weakly expressed, however, the drug has a strong indirect effect, as it allows you to dramatically increase the load, which gives just such an effect.

Under the action of bemitil, the glycogen content in the muscles, liver and heart increases. The efficiency of tissue respiration increases. Bemitil is thus an indirect anabolic. In addition, by slightly lowering blood sugar levels, bemitil to some extent contributes to an increase in somatotropin secretion. Actoprotectors in general and bemityl in particular are economizing compounds, contributing to the performance of a certain amount of work at minimal cost. They reduce the rate of working breakdown of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. At the same time, the rate of synthesis of short-lived proteins responsible for the urgent adaptation of the body increases in the liver.

In medicine, bemityl is used for chronic hypoxia of various origins (especially during sports training, during high physical exertion and other extreme effects, as well as after them to speed up recovery processes), with mental asthenia of any origin, for the rehabilitation of patients who have had acute hepatitis (faster the mass of the liver is restored, the severity and duration of violations of its functions are reduced) or radiation sickness, for the treatment of neuromuscular diseases (progressive myodystrophy, secondary myopathies, etc.), vestibular disorders, epilepsy (prescribed only in combination with antiepileptic drugs), recurrent erysipelas .

Thus, a sufficiently physiological effect of bemityl on the body allows it to be successfully used in clinical practice to restore the health of convalescents, to treat asthenia of various nature. At the same time, due to the activation of protein synthesis, the drug can enhance reparative processes in various organs, which also accelerates the recovery of working capacity. Such a dual therapeutic effect is especially pronounced in liver pathology (for example, during the period of rehabilitation after viral hepatitis), since this organ is characterized by a high potential for regeneration, and reparative processes here include the restoration of one of the key mechanisms for maintaining performance - the normalization of the gluconeogenesis system.

Bemitil does not cause dangerous side effects, sometimes when taken on an empty stomach, an irritating effect on the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract is observed. Test results show that bemityl is an effective means of improving physical performance in both normal and extreme conditions. The effect of the drug is manifested within 1-1.5 hours after a single dose. In terms of effectiveness under normal conditions, bemitil is quite comparable with the psychomotor stimulant sydnocarb, while its action is more physiological; there are no negative effects characteristic of sydnocarb - excitation with elements of euphoria, a decrease in mental stability, excessive stimulation of the functions of the cardiovascular system. In complicated conditions (hypoxic hypoxia, the threat of overheating), bemitil is superior to sydnocarb not only in terms of physiological action, but also in terms of efficiency: the positive effect of sydnocarb on performance under such conditions is reduced or even transformed into a negative one, and the positive effect of bemitil becomes more noticeable. Bemitil, as already mentioned, can increase efficiency in mental and operator activities. These effects are generally less pronounced compared to the effect on physical performance, but also appear more clearly in complicated conditions.

Recommendations for use:

Bemitil is taken orally after meals, 0.25 grams (1 capsule) 2 times a day. If necessary, the daily dose of this sports nutrition is increased to 0.5 grams (2 capsules) in the morning and 0.5 grams (2 capsules) in the afternoon (with a weight of more than 100 kg). The course is 6 days with 3-4-day breaks between them to avoid cumulation of the drug. The course averages from 3 to 6 weeks.

To improve performance in extreme conditions, bemitil is taken 60 minutes before the upcoming activity at a dose of 0.25-0.5 grams.

Do not take in parallel with modafinil and other supplements (belonging to the class Special supplements adaptogens and stimulants ) that cause an increase in the concentration of the same neurotransmitters.

Do not apply later than 16:00 to avoid sleep problems!!!

Side effects

When using bemitil, nausea, rarely vomiting, discomfort in the stomach, headache, flushing of the face, rhinitis are possible. Depending on the severity of symptoms in these cases, it is recommended to reduce the dose or discontinue use. In case of an overdose, it can lead to increased excitability and disruption of night sleep. (Due mainly to allergic reactions, namely: redness of the face, nasal congestion, pain in the gastrointestinal tract. If the dose is too high, irritability, sleep disturbance, hyperexcitability, headache).

Bemitil according to the instructions is contraindicated for:

  • arrhythmias;
  • the expressed disturbances of function of a liver;
  • epilepsy;
  • hypoglycemia;
  • glaucoma;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • hypersensitivity;
  • ischemic heart disease.
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