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Creatine is used as a lactic acid buffer, trapping lactic acid and suppressing the burning effect of it, creatine allows you to work out in the gym much more intensively.

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Creabox BlasteX - this is creatine monohydrate in encapsulated form with the addition of taurine - a sports supplement to increase strength, eliminate the "plateau" effect. The action of the drug is based on increasing strength endurance: during one approach, you can do more repetitions. As a result, during the monthly intake of creatine, 1 MP increases significantly, and after stopping the use, the results achieved do not go away, since this is a non-steroidal drug.

Benefits of Creabox BlasteX:

  • Enriched with taurine for better absorption
  • Helps to achieve excellent results in strength areas
  • Suitable for wrestling and martial arts, increases punching power
  • It is deposited in the muscles and enters into work only with increased loads (in everyday life, the consumption of creatine is very small)
  • Easy-to-use form - capsules that are easy to take with you to work or school in the right quantities

If you feel that you have entered a "stagnation period" - that is, the weights do not grow, the strength indicators too - the best way out is to buy creatine from Blastex. This is a highly effective sports supplement, the effect of which is noticeable after 4-7 days after the start of administration. The effect is manifested in the fact that the athlete can do more repetitions in one approach with his working weight - 3-6 times more. This happens due to the fact that creatine is deposited in the muscles, and when the supply of “your” creatine runs out, the one you take is included in the work. Namely, creatine serves to produce ATP and provides energy for muscle contraction. As a result, more muscle fibers are damaged, which are subsequently repaired and strengthened. For noticeable results, proper nutrition and sleep are necessary so that the muscles have the opportunity to fully regenerate.

In general, as a result of a monthly intake of Creabox creatine BlasteX you will get stronger muscles, increased strength, and if combined with protein intake, you can achieve an increase in volume and muscle definition.

Composition for 4 capsules:

  • Creatine monohydrate - 2800 mg
  • Taurine - 400 mg

How to take Creabox

One serving contains 4 capsules. If you have not taken creatine supplements before, you need to do a loading week: daily 7-8 servings. After training days, drink 1 serving after training, two - during the day. On recovery days - 1-2 servings.

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