Flex GCM Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM (180 capsules)


Joint Health Stark Pharm - Flex GCM Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM (180 capsules)

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Stark Pharm's Flex GCM formula provides comprehensive support for the musculoskeletal system.

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Quantity180 caps
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Stark Flex GCM Stark Pharm is a multi-component chondroprotective supplement with a unique extended composition - a sports drug that is used to comprehensively support the musculoskeletal system and strengthen connective tissue.

The sports supplement is based on glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM - substances of natural origin, recognized as the best for maintaining the normal state of cartilage tissue and the proper functioning of the articular-ligamentous apparatus. In addition to the three main components, Stark Pharm's Stark Flex is rich in vitamins and plant extracts that enhance the effect of the GCM bundle.

Glucosamine + chondroitin + methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) in Stark Flex GCM is a combination for the health of ligaments, joints, tendons, bones. At each workout, the body is subjected to extreme loads - not only the muscles, but the entire musculoskeletal system. Connective tissue, like muscle tissue, needs nutrients to repair itself. If the muscles do not receive enough resources for regeneration, there will be a lack of progress or a drop in strength indicators, but in the case of ligaments and joints, the consequences are much worse - from constant joint pain (knee joints are especially affected) and inflammation to serious injuries. Stark Flex GCM Stark Pharm avoids such a disastrous outcome.

Glucosamine and chondroitin increase the strength of cartilage, maintain a normal amount of synovial fluid - interarticular lubrication, which improves joint mobility and prevents them from "wearing out". MSM is known for its ability to reduce and eliminate inflammation.

The vitamin complex (groups B and C, E) in combination with extracts of ginger, orange, rosehip and others normalizes metabolic processes in the body, improves the absorption of essential nutrients, reduces the feeling of fatigue in everyday life and improves self-awareness, overall quality of life.

Action of Stark Flex GCM:

  • Cartilage strengthening
  • Maintains sufficient intercartilaginous (synovial) fluid for better joint mobility
  • Accelerates recovery after injuries associated with ligaments, joints and bones (sprains, dislocations, fractures)
  • Helps regenerate damaged cartilage
  • Positive effect on metabolic processes
  • Eases inflammatory processes
  • Improves overall well-being

Features of Stark Flex GCM Stark Pharm:

  • An indispensable product for athletes in any training period
  • Diverse effects on connective tissue
  • Has antioxidant properties
  • General strengthening and tonic effect

Daily value (9 capsules) contains:

  • Glucosamine hydrochloride - 2100 mg
  • Chondroitin sulfate - 600 mg
  • Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) 1200 mg
  • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 600 mg
  • Vitamin E (tocopherol delta acetate) 60 mg
  • Vitamin B3 (niacin) 120 mg
  • Vitamin B5 (Calcium D-Pantothenate) 30mg
  • Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) 7.2 mg
  • Vitamin B9 (folic acid) 120 mcg
  • Selenium (sodium selenite) 120 mcg
  • Orange 100% extract - 60 mg
  • Shipshina 100% extract - 72 mg
  • Aronia 100% extract - 60 mg
  • Milk thistle extract (80% silymarin) 180 mg
  • Ginger 100% extract (equivalent to 1710 mg dry ginger root) 60 mg
  • Bioperine (100% Black Pepper Extract) 15mg
Recommendations for the use of Stark Flex GCM:

A serving is 3 capsules. Take one serving 3 times daily after meals, 9 capsules daily.

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Designed and manufactured for LLC "Stark Pharm"
Production facility address:
Ukraine, 08330, Kyiv region,
Boryspil district,
with. Dudarkov, st. Sadovaya, 3
Tel. +380980013671


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