Multicomponent protein Scitec Nutrition - Protein Delite (1000 grams)


Multicomponent protein Scitec Nutrition - Protein Delite (1000 grams)

Scitec Nutrition


Protein Delite from Scitec Nutrition is a protein food supplement with pieces of fruit or chocolate.

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Protein DeLite Scitec Nutrition is a protein supplement that combines several types of protein with different absorption rates: whey concentrate + milk protein concentrate + calcium caseinate. The product helps maintain a positive nitrogen balance for up to 6-7 hours: all this time, the muscles are reliably protected from catabolism and have the opportunity to regenerate after training, and increase in volume over time. Plus, this complex protein tastes amazing, with each flavor containing matching pieces of fruit or chocolate.

Main effects and advantages of Protein DeLite

  • Prolonged anti-catabolic effect due to casein protein
  • Saturation of muscle tissue with building material - amino acids
  • Helps accelerate muscle mass gain (with regular competent training)
  • The balanced composition allows the supplement to be used by people who are not involved in sports to replenish the daily protein requirement.
  • Great for a low-carb diet, as it contains a minimum of fat and carbohydrates
  • Unique flavor range: pleasant not cloying light taste and aftertaste

Athletes know that for progress in strength, muscle size, endurance, muscle definition, etc. you need to eat a lot, and focus on proteins, if the goal is to build lean muscles. Protein substances must be of high quality: store-bought meat can be frozen several times, losing nutritional value by 50-80% - that is, the effect of taking such “nutrients” will be almost zero: you will simply fill your stomach. That is why the Proteininkiev sports nutrition store recommends choosing only high-quality protein sources , like Protein DeLite from Scitec Nutrition. Here is a complete set of amino acids, trace elements sodium and potassium, as well as dietary fiber for better absorption and prevention of stress on the gastrointestinal tract.

The Protein DeLite protein preparation contains two main active ingredients: a fast-acting whey protein that starts anabolic processes in 30-40 minutes, and casein (micellar from milk protein and calcium caseinate), which releases amino acids for 6-7 hours. Therefore, drink a cocktail at night if you do not drink pure casein. Protein DeLight also has the ability to suppress hunger, so it is suitable for use if your goal is to reduce body fat.

Ingredients per serving (30 g):

  • energy value - 112 kcal
  • protein - 19.5 g
  • carbohydrates - 5 g
  • fats - 0.75 g
  • cholesterol - 15 mg
  • sodium -75 g
  • potassium - 37.5 g
  • aminokgen - 100 mg

How to take Protein DeLite Scitec Nutrition

1 serving is 30 grams. Stir in liquid (non-carbonated and not hot) - 200-300 ml. Drink 1 shake an hour before training, after training and in the morning. You can also drink one at night. It is recommended to take no more than 4 servings per day.

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