Pro Mix Scitec Nutrition 7000 grams


Pro Mix Scitec Nutrition 7000 grams

Scitec Nutrition


Scitec Nutrition Pro Mix is a product that is a protein blend from three sources: whey protein concentrate, isolate and soy protein concentrate.

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Pro Mix Scitec Nutrition is a three-component protein supplement with a balanced composition: whey concentrate + soy isolate and concentrate. In combination, the components enhance each other's action and have many anabolic effects: accelerating muscle growth, improving muscle separation - relief, reducing the percentage of fat in the body (weight loss is not due to muscle).

Each serving of Pro Mix Protein Complex provides 20 grams of high-quality pure protein, a minimum of fat and an acceptable carbohydrate content. It combines whey protein concentrate (“fast” protein) and soy protein, which has undergone ultra- and microfiltration processing, as a result of which it has gained high nutritional value and a minimum of ballast impurities. Scitec Nutrition's Complete Pro Mix Amino Acid Pack nourishes muscle tissue with building material: there is an increased concentration of BCAA and glutamine. Thanks to this, the muscles are protected from catabolism (destructive processes) and recover faster, and progress in terms of increasing volume and strength is faster.

Ingredients per serving (28 g):

  • energy value - 105 kcal
  • protein - 20 g
  • carbohydrates - 4 g
  • fats - 1 g
  • cholesterol - 21 mg
  • sodium - 203 mg
  • potassium - 71 mg

How to take Pro Mix :

Mix 1 measuring scoop (≈ 28.5 grams) in 150-300 ml of liquid: water, juice or milk (preferably skimmed). Drink a portion before and after training, also one cocktail in the morning. On recovery days - 3-4 servings throughout the day.

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