Glutamine Real Pharm 500 grams


Glutamine Real Pharm 500 grams

Real Pharm


Glutamine is one of the most popular and most versatile amino acids.

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Glutamine Real Pharm is an ultra-effective anti-catabolic drug in powder form with the addition of sweeteners - glutamine from the Polish company Real Pharm. Used to speed up recovery processes and strengthen the immune system. Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid, but it is from glutamine that other essential amino acids are synthesized, the deficiency of which noticeably slows down the progress of an athlete.

Why take Glutamine Real Pharm

Glutamine in a certain amount enters the body from food. Such portions are quite enough for a person with a mobile lifestyle. An athlete's need for nutrients is much higher than that of an ordinary person. Their deficiency can lead to a fatal outcome, at best, to a halt in progress. As you know, muscles consist of glutamine by 60%. In addition, Glutamine contributes to the prevention and strengthening of the immune system, which is also subjected to "stress" during training. After all, muscle fibers can regenerate, but immunity cannot. In this case, regression is guaranteed. To avoid this, you need to buy Glutamine .

The effect of taking Glutamine Real Pharm

  • Active growth of lean muscle mass with targeted training
  • Improved overall well-being
  • Normalization of metabolic processes
  • Suppression of the negative impact of negative nitrogen balance
  • Maintaining a positive nitrogen balance
  • Strengthening the immune and central uneven systems
  • Promotes the synthesis of new protein structures
  • Increase in power characteristics

Benefits of Glutamine

  • European quality against the backdrop of affordable prices
  • Nice tasting drinks
  • Compatible with any anabolic drug
  • The absence of prohibited substances in the composition

Directions for use of Glutamine Real Pharm

Drink one serving (5.5 grams) every morning and at the end of the training: it is at this time that the body needs the most building material for muscles. The best option is glutamine + BCAA .

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