Protein bar oatmeal with banana Power Pro 50 grams


Protein bar oatmeal with banana Power Pro 50 grams

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Nutritious protein bar with banana Power Pro.

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The countryUkraine
Вес50 g
Price per serving25.00 gr


Protein bar Oatmeal with banana Power Pro - a sports nutrition product for quick consumption, which helps to get enough and satisfy the feeling of hunger for 1.5-2 hours. It's a tasty, satisfying and healthy snack to give you energy and nutrients when you can't eat well. In addition to carbohydrates and proteins, the composition is enriched with a complex of B vitamins, L -carnitine and bromelain, which improve metabolism, protein absorption, and also help get rid of excess body fat.

Power Pro Banana Oatmeal has a non-standard ratio of carbohydrates and proteins: 41 g to 6.5 g. Due to this, the action is aimed more at providing energy resources than at building muscle. L - Carnitine plays a particularly important role in a sports product: without going into scientific terminology, carnitine converts fat reserves into energy directly during physical activity (gym, running, cardio training, crossfit). Bromelain, in turn, contributes to the normalization of metabolic processes, helps to remove excess "water" from the body. So, taking a protein bar Power Pro "Oatmeal with a banana", you can achieve a toned beautiful figure.

Power Protein Bar Features Pro

  • Improves the functioning of the digestive system
  • Helps relieve puffiness
  • Positive effect on metabolism
  • Pleasant delicate taste of oatmeal with banana
  • Relevant for use in the period of fat burning
  • Convenient to use
  • Saturates for up to two hours
  • Low price with good quality

Protein Bar Power Pro - This is a quick and tasty snack, which does not exceed the price of the same shawarma, while having the highest biological and nutritional value and saturating it with nutrients. Its use will get rid of hunger and protect muscles from catabolism when there is no time for a full meal.



Recommendations for use

For a set of total mass, 4 bars per day (in the morning, in the afternoon, before and after training). For fat burning - 2 times a day: an hour before the training and immediately after the end.

Protein bar Oatmeal with banana Power You can buy Pro in our Proteininkiev store.

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