Protein bar 36% brut Power Pro 60 grams


Protein bar 36% brut Power Pro 60 grams

Power Pro


Power Pro Brut Nutritious Protein Bar with 36% protein concentration.

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The countryUkraine
Вес60 g
Price per serving35.00 gr


Protein bar 36% Brut Power Pro is a sports nutrition product with increased nutritional value and biological value - a mixture of proteins and carbohydrates, supplemented with a vitamin complex. One bar will satisfy your hunger for at least an hour and provide an influx of amino acids into the muscles, which is necessary for progress in gaining muscle mass and increasing strength. Power Pro protein bars always help out when there is no way to fully eat. In addition, in addition to the main anabolic effect, the product has an unsurpassed taste of tart brut wine in combination with chocolate icing.

Each Power Pro protein bar contains 21.6 grams of protein and 22.1 grams of carbohydrates - with 2-3 bars per day (as an addition to the main diet), you can easily replenish your daily protein or calorie intake, depending on your goal. For any period of training (mass, drying, strength, endurance, etc.), it will be relevant to buy a protein bar to saturate with nutrients and prevent catabolism during the period of forced starvation.

Power Pro Protein Bar Benefits

  • European quality of all ingredients
  • No soy and other ballast impurities
  • Optimally balanced composition
  • Delicious and healthy snack
  • Brings taste pleasure
  • Protecting muscles from catabolism
  • Energizes and energizes

In the modern world, protein bars are relevant not only for athletes, but also for busy people with an active lifestyle. With constant business trips, moving around the city, a busy work schedule, there is often not enough time and energy to cook food and consume it in the required quantities. To feel healthy, vigorous and full of energy, it is enough to eat 2-3 bars a day: they are convenient to use even on the go, in transport or after leaving your workplace for a couple of minutes.


Recommendations for use

The daily norm is 1-3 bars, depending on individual needs.

Protein bar 36% Brut Power Pro we offer to buy in the sports nutrition store in Ukraine "Proteininkiev". To order, please call the specified phone numbers or use the shopping cart.

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