Glutamine Power Pro - Glutamine + BCAA (500 grams)


Glutamine Power Pro - Glutamine + BCAA (500 grams)

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Glutamine + BCAA Power Pro is an anabolic supplement that will help you gain lean muscle mass, get rid of excess body fat and increase strength and endurance.

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The countryUkraine
Вес500 g
Type of packagingpack
Price per serving8.90 gr


Glutamine + BCAA Power Pro is a unique anabolic supplement for athletes, consisting of BCAAs (leucine + valine + isoleucine) and glutamine. The sports drug combines many useful properties: it helps to gain lean muscles, get rid of excess body fat and increase strength and endurance.

BCAAs are necessary for people who are serious about achieving success in sports, as they nourish muscle tissue by 33-36%, but they themselves are not synthesized in the body. They need to be obtained through supplements like Glutamine + BCAA Power Pro. Essential branched-chain amino acids provide muscles with a large amount of building material and protect against catabolism. Only under such conditions can muscle mass increase, while burning excess fat is facilitated (subject to competent training).

Glutamine + BCAA Power Pro is enriched with another important amino acid for athletes - glutamine. This organic substance is produced in the body, but the usual amount is not enough for those who get overloaded in training. Glutamine maximizes regeneration and reduces the feeling of fatigue, and also gives energy.

Composition g/100 g:

  • glutamine (glutamic acid) - 50 g / 100 g
  • BCAA amino acid blend:
  • leucine - 25 g / 100 g
  • isoleucine - 12.5 g / 100 g
  • valine - 12.5 g / 100 g.

Suggested Use : Adults: 2-4 teaspoons per day.

How to use: dissolve the required amount of the mixture in 200 ml of liquid (water or other drinks). Take before or during training - depending on body weight and intensity of exercise.

We offer to buy Glutamine + BCAA Power Pro in the "Proteininkiev" sports nutrition and accessories store . Our managers are always ready to provide competent advice by phone or online chat.

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