Gloves Stein X-Man GPT-2281


Gloves Stein - X-Man GPT-2281



Training gloves for fitness and bodybuilding Stein X-Man GPT-2281 allow you to eliminate the slip of the projectile during exercise.

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The Stein X-Man GPT-2281 GPT-2281 fitness and bodybuilding training gloves allow you to eliminate the slip of the projectile during exercise, providing maximum grip. Reduce the risk of strain and rupture of the tendons when working with heavy weights, protect hands from excessive chafing and other possible injuries in the wrist area. Suitable for women and men of all fitness levels.

  • Made of high quality genuine leather, interior: black leather with seal; shell: cotton jersey;
  • A system for convenient removal of gloves was used, as well as a patented technology of anatomically correct tailoring of gloves, corresponding to the natural shape of the hand, providing the most comfortable position of the hands in gloves during exercise;
  • The special leather finish allows the gloves to be washed many times in the washing machine in the usual way;
  • Convenient Velcro strap on the back of the hand.
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