Caffeine Nutrex Research - Caffeine 200 mg (60 capsules)


Caffeine Nutrex Research - Caffeine 200 mg (60 capsules)

Nutrex Research


Based on nature's most popular stimulant, Nutrex Research's Caffeine dietary supplement has a positive effect on training results.

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Lipo 6 Caffeine is a drug for raising vigor and restoring energy reserves. Many sports energy drinks include caffeine in their composition, as this product has all the necessary qualities to activate many processes in the body. Lipo 6 caffeine consists exclusively of one component of caffeine, which allows you to buy a high quality energy drink without artificial impurities.

In order to carry out your workout at the limit, you need to feel cheerfulness and energy charge, it is for this that the Nutrex company has developed a very simple, according to its formula, and at the same time highly effective energy drink Lipo 6 Caffeine Nutrex. Using this product, you will be able to carry out trainings with higher quality, at a higher pace.

Positive qualities of Lipo 6 Caffeine 60 caps:

  • Fills with energy;
  • Improves concentration;
  • Increases the threshold of endurance;
  • Stimulates fat burning;
  • Allows you to increase the pace of training;
  • Improves brain activity.

Lipo 6 Caffeine not only helps to increase the productivity of your workout, but also to lose those extra pounds. As we know, most fat burners use caffeine in their composition, as it is able to reduce the percentage of subcutaneous fat. Therefore, if you decide to buy Lipo 6 Caffeine Nutrex, then you will immediately receive a double benefit: improve your athletic performance and gain high-quality relief.

One serving of Lipo-6 Caffeine contains:

  • Caffeine - 200 mg

Recommendations for use:

If your own weight is less than 70 kg, then the recommended serving of the sports supplement is 1 tablet, if your weight is more than 70 kg, then the serving will consist of 2 tablets. Take caffeine 40 minutes before your workout with water.

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