Biovit 80 Megabol 2100 grams


Biovit 80 Megabol 2100 grams



Megabol Biovit 80 is a combination of whey protein and soy protein isolate. A distinctive feature of Biovit 80 is its ideal solubility and good taste properties.

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Biovit 80 Megabol is a sports protein that combines whey protein concentrate and soy isolate. The components have a high nutritional and biological value due to gentle processing - the supplement is well absorbed without a feeling of heaviness in the stomach and gives the desired effect: an increase in lean muscle mass and an improvement in strength characteristics. It also has a stimulating effect in the targeted burning of fat.

Pros of Biovit 80 by Megabol

  • Complete amino acid composition
  • Starting anabolic processes 30-40 minutes after consumption
  • Good digestibility without unpleasant sensations in the gastrointestinal tract
  • Helps build lean muscle without fat deposits
  • Contains a minimum amount of fats and carbohydrates

Thanks to the balanced amino acid profile of Biovit 80 (Biovit 80 Megabol), including a high concentration of BCAA and glutamine, muscle tissue is saturated with sufficient nutrients and building material. Due to this, the muscles have the opportunity to fully recover, maintain a positive nitrogen balance and progress, becoming stronger and larger.

Ingredients per serving (35 g):

  • energy value - 127 kcal
  • protein - 26 g
  • carbohydrates - 2.8 g
  • total fat - 0.5 g

Amino acid profile per 100 g of protein:

L-isoleucine 4450 mg
L-leucine 8480 mg
L-valine 4620 mg
L-methionine 1620 mg
L-phenylalanine 5240 mg
L-threonine 4140 mg
L-tryptophan 1500 mg
L-lysine 6460 mg
L-arginine 7040 mg
L-cystine 2060 mg
L-histidine 2690 mg
L-tyrosine 3170 mg
L-alanine 4150 mg
L-aspartic acid 11,190 mg
L-glutamic acid 18,900 mg
L-glycine 3790 mg
L-proline 5570 mg
L-serine 4930 mg
Total Essential Amino Acids 36,510 mg
Total BCAAs 17,550 mg

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