Stein Traction Webbing - SLN-2505


Stein Traction Webbing - SLN-2505



Stein Traction Straps SLN-2505 are durable anti-slip wrist straps.

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Stein Traction Straps SLN-2505 are durable anti-slip wrist bands used to compensate for insufficient grip strength and "unload" the forearms and hands.

Often when doing exercises, for example, pull-ups on the horizontal bar, the back has not yet "clogged", but you have to stop, because your hands are no longer holding. Athletic straps solve the problem of grip, as with other exercises, when you need to use a weight that exceeds what you can hold: all kinds of barbell pulls (for example, deadlifts) and dumbbells (for example, bent over rows).


  • The traction straps are made of high quality 100% cotton, which is non-slip;
  • The length of the tape is 60 cm, on one side the tape ends with a loop, on the other side it is specially processed to prevent fraying.
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