Dymatize Nutrition - Elite Casein (1818 grams)


Dymatize Nutrition - Elite Casein (1818 grams)

Dymatize Nutrition


Dymatize Elite Casein provides 24 grams of slow digesting casein per serving.

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Elite Casein Dymatize Nutrition is a slow (long) acting protein from one of the leading manufacturers of sports nutrition Dimatize Nutrition. It is a blend of micellar casein , milk protein and calcium caseinate. Casein protein was created specifically to nourish muscle tissue with amino acids during sleep or planned fasting, since its digestion time is up to 8 hours. As a result of such a powerful and long-term nourishment, the possibility of catabolism is prevented, which means that progress in building lean muscle mass, reducing the percentage of body fat and increasing strength will accelerate.

The purpose of taking Elite Casein is to help athletes achieve their goals: to be stronger, bigger, more resilient. With heavy-duty physical exertion, which an athlete is subjected to at each workout, muscle tissue is damaged - it is scarred. This is necessary in order to subsequently strengthen it. And one of the main conditions is a full recovery, for which you need to consume a lot of nutrients, especially protein. Each Dymatize Nutrition Elite Casein Shake provides 24 grams of high quality protein with high biological value and a complete array of amino acids - organic compounds that nourish muscles, accelerate regeneration and help increase in volume. These delicious, light shakes make it easy to meet your daily animal protein needs.

Nutritional information per serving (32 g):

  • energy value - 110 g
  • protein - 24 g
  • carbohydrates - 3 g
  • fats - 0.5 g
  • sodium - 35 g
  • potassium - 170 g
  • complex of enzymes - 40 g
  • vitamin C - 2% of the RDA
  • calcium - 50%
  • iron - 2%

Admission Recommendations:

Mix 1 scoop (32 g) with 300 ml of water. Drink one serving in the morning, one before bed.

You can buy Elite Casein Dymatize Nutrition on the Proteininkiev sports nutrition website. Order nutritional supplements online or call the indicated numbers.

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