GENERAL - BCAA ActivLab - BCAA XTRA (800 gr) (p 10 g)


GENERAL - BCAA ActivLab - BCAA XTRA (800 gr) (p 10 g)


Branched-chain amino acids BCAA ideally inhibit the catabolic processes that occur as a result of heavy training.

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The countryPoland
Вес800 g
Type of packagingpack
Price per serving7.612 gr


BCAA Xtra ActivLab is an anabolic supplement for athletes, which is necessary for full recovery after exhausting workouts, elimination of catabolic processes and a set of high-quality lean muscle mass.

The supplement is based on essential amino acids with branched side chains - leucine, isoleucine and valine in a ratio of 2:1:1. It is they who nourish the muscle tissue by 33-36%, providing material for cell growth. Since the body cannot produce them on its own, it is necessary to take BCAAs (BCAA) as an additional dietary supplement.

Since a full nourishment of muscles with amino acids protects them from destructive processes, the use of BCAA Xtra ActivLab will allow you to purposefully burn the subcutaneous and visceral fat layer. Thus, the total weight will decrease precisely due to the percentage of fat, and muscle tissue, on the contrary, will increase in volume.

The BCAA Xtra ActivLab supplement (BCAA Extra ActiveLab) is enriched with glutamine peptides, an amino acid that suppresses the production of cortisol (a hormone that destroys muscles), has an anti-catabolic effect and maximizes the recovery process.

BCAA Xtra ActivLab is a BCAA powder that has a very fast absorption rate of 5-15 minutes. This means that the application is possible directly in training. In this case, there is a surge of energy and a lesser feeling of fatigue.

Ingredients per serving (10 g = 1 scoop):

  • L-leucine - 2500 mg
  • L-isoleucine - 1250 mg
  • L-Valine 1250 mg
  • L-glutamine - 3500 mg

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