Elite Whey Protein Dymatize Nutrition 2.27 kg


Elite Whey Protein Dymatize Nutrition 2.27 kg

Dymatize Nutrition


Dymatize Elite® Whey Protein is a superior blend of fast-acting whey protein isolates

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Elite Whey Protein Dymatize Nutrition is a protein sports supplement for an accelerated set of lean muscle mass - the highest quality whey protein concentrate. Each serving has a very high percentage of protein - 24 g out of 29. At the same time, fat and carbohydrates are minimal. The composition contains a patented complex of enzymes and enzymes - assimilation occurs as quickly as possible and without stress on the gastrointestinal tract. The product can be consumed even by people who are poorly digested lactose (milk sugar).

Action of Elite Whey Protein Dymatize Nutrition:

  • Helps build lean muscle faster
  • Prevents catabolism
  • Accelerates post-workout recovery with glutamine
  • There is no risk of gaining body fat
  • Starts anabolic processes 15-20 minutes after ingestion

With the help of Elite Whey Protein protein shakes, you can easily and conveniently replenish the daily protein intake, and this is very important for athletes, because during heavy intensive loads (like training), the body needs a much larger amount of amino acids that come from protein. In order not to have to eat and cook an exorbitant amount of chicken or steaks, half of the daily protein intake should be obtained from sports nutrition - like Elite Way Protein from Dimatize Nutrition. You can buy this protein in Kiev in the sports nutrition store "Proteininkiev". Preparation of a cocktail takes only a few minutes: just pour the powder into a shaker or blender, pour in the liquid, stir - and a nutritious tasty supplement is ready for use.

The protein is rich in branched chain amino acids - BCAA - in each serving 5 grams of them. They are 30-40% building material for hypertrophy of muscle tissue. Therefore, by regularly taking Elite Whey Protein, you will be able to restore muscles much faster after overload, as a result, a visual increase in muscle volume will appear (subject to competent training).

Nutritional information per serving (30 g):

  • energy value - 112 kcal
  • protein - 22 g
  • carbohydrates - 2.5 g
  • fats - 1.5 g
  • cholesterol - 5 mg
  • sodium - 55 mg
  • Aminogen Proprietary Enzyme Blend 40mg

Recommendations for use

1 serving (29 g) is mixed in 200-400 ml of liquid (water, juice or milk). Drink two to three shakes a day. On training days - before and after training, also in the morning. The product can be taken by both athletes and ordinary people with an active and mobile lifestyle as an additional source or substitute for protein foods.

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