Fat burner Cloma Pharma - Red Wasp (75 capsules)


Fat burner Cloma Pharma - Red Wasp (75 capsules)

Cloma Pharma


The new Cloma Pharma Red Wasp fat burner will be of great interest not only to professional athletes, but also to people leading an active lifestyle.

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Quantity75 caps
The countryUSA
Type of packagingjar
Price per serving8.386 gr


Red Wasp Cloma Pharma is an ultra-effective multi-component fat burner, which contains the most effective components. This supplement combines thermogenics , neurostimulants and plant extracts - optimal conditions are created for weight loss due to body fat, and the "hit" on fats comes from different plans: this is active fat burning during training, and passive during recovery, normalization of metabolism , increasing mental concentration for more productive trainings and more.

Such a complex effect allows you to achieve truly impressive results and form a toned athletic figure with relief muscles in a short time.

Red Wasp Effect

  • Provides a burst of energy during workouts
  • Increases efficiency and productivity of trainings
  • Stimulates active fat burning
  • Weight loss in record time
  • Decreased percentage of body fat
  • Normalizes metabolic processes
  • Acts as an energy booster and stimulant
  • Thermogenic effect and removal of excess "water"
  • Promotes relief and drawing of muscles
  • Increases concentration on the training process

If you are looking for a powerful product that will help you get rid of body fat and shape a sports figure, at the same time it will not contain aggressive or prohibited substances, then Red Wasp fat burner from Cloma Pharma is your best choice. The drug consists of a combination of ingredients that synergistically interact with each other and enhance the effect.

Caffeine increases body heat production, improves stamina and gives you a boost of energy. Plant extracts of ephedra, ginseng, ginger and yohimbe reduce excessive appetite, stimulate local fat burning in problem areas, “accelerate” metabolism. Ginseng also acts as an adaptogen and strengthens the cardiovascular system. Higenamine is a stimulant of the brain, central nervous system, as well as an adrenergic blocker. Special vitamins have a general health-improving and tonic effect, improve digestion.

Thus, Red Wasp Cloma Pharma is an important and effective addition to a low-calorie diet and targeted training aimed at burning fat.



Recommendations for the use of Red Wasp

Drink 1 capsule per day 20-30 minutes before meals if it is a rest day, and 20-30 minutes before training on training days. Do not take less than 6 hours before bedtime. Do not exceed 1 capsule per day.

You can buy Red Wasp Cloma Pharma at the Proteininkiev sports nutrition store.

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