Blender Bottle Classic Orange Color 400 ml


Blender Bottle Classic Orange Color 400 ml



The Blender Bottle Classic is a stylish classic single bowl shaker.

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Объем400 ml
The countryUSA


Blender Bottle Classic - a stylish classic shaker with one bowl. Bestseller in America and Europe. Unlike low-end analogues, the shaker is made of truly high-quality, durable plastic that does not crack, scratch, and retains its original appearance even after several months of use. The sports shaker's flip lid keeps air and moisture out when closed, and the steel clod-breaking ball does a great job. However, the benefits of the Classic Blender Bottle don't end there.

Sports Shaker Blender Bottle Classic is a compact reservoir. It is made of environmentally friendly plastic, which does not contain bisphenols and phthalates. Surgical steel is used to obtain high-strength whisk balls. It allows you to solve the problem of oxidation of metal elements once and for all and prevent contamination of liquids with heavy metals. The shelf life of such products is not limited to several months. Of course, if you take care of the shaker.

Benefits of Blender Bottle Classic

  • Truly high-quality, environmentally friendly plastic
  • Design and color scheme
  • Resistant to external influences and aggressive liquids
  • High transparency main bowl
  • The presence of a steel ball to break up lumps
  • Flip cover StayOpen
  • Compatibility with all groups of nutritional supplements
  • Convenient and clear labeling
  • No maintenance requirements
  • Profitable price
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