Vitamin-mineral complex BioTech - Calcium Complete (90 capsules)


Vitamin-mineral complex BioTech - Calcium Complete (90 capsules)



Calcium and magnesium are important elements for healthy teeth and bones.

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Quantity90 caps
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Calcium and magnesium are important elements for healthy teeth and bones.

Calcium in a healthy diet may reduce the risk of osteoporosis later in life, especially for teenagers and young women. Each serving contains a 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium.

Calcium : makes bones strong, lowers blood pressure, reduces premenstrual syndrome (PMS) features. More than 99% of the body's calcium is stored in the bones, where it plays both a structural and physiological role. Most of the body's need for calcium is to help build and maintain strong bones, but calcium is also important for blood clotting, muscle contraction, nerve transmission, and maintaining normal blood pressure. There is also some evidence that calcium supplements may be helpful in reducing cancer risk, regulating heart rate and premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

In fact, no one consumes the right amount of calcium in their daily diet, so calcium is one of the nutrients that needs to be supplemented.

Magnesium : builds bone, increases energy levels, improves heart health, increases protein synthesis (muscle building). Because magnesium is needed as a cofactor for several enzymes to help convert carbohydrates, protein, and fat into energy, magnesium supplements may play a role in energy metabolism. Due to the role of the trace element magnesium in nerve impulse conduction, supplements have been promoted to aid cardiac functions. Magnesium's role in bone health comes from its primary location in bone tissue and its ability to help increase calcium absorption.

Ingredients per serving:

  • Calcium 600mg 60%
  • Magnesium 250mg 50%

Recommendations for use:

2 sports supplement capsules per day.

Packing : 90 tablets.

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