Beef Amino Real Pharm 300 tabs.


Beef Amino Real Pharm 300 tabs.

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Beef Amino Real Pharm 300 tabs.

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Beef Amino Real Pharm - beef protein hydrolyzate in tablet form - an anabolic sports supplement that promotes the fastest increase in muscle mass, increases strength and prevents catabolism. Contains all amino acids in optimal proportions specifically for the muscles of athletes: including a high concentration of essential BCAAs that nourish muscle tissue by 33-36%. Just 2 tablets of Beef Amino Real Pharm will provide the required daily amount of nutrients (as an addition to your regular diet) and building material for your muscles.

Action Beef Amino

  • Protects muscles from the negative effects of catabolic processes and the hormone cortisol
  • Starts and supports anabolic processes
  • Stimulates muscle growth
  • Helps to "dry out" and improve relief
  • Allows you to reduce body fat without losing muscle volume
  • Accelerates the regeneration and healing of muscle tissue
  • Saturates the muscles with nutrients

Beef Amino Real Pharm is a sports drug that most effectively allows you to replenish the resources spent on training and provide the right amount of free amino acids in the body to avoid catabolism. As you know, in order for there to be progress in achieving any sports goal, it is necessary to allow the muscles to fully recover. Getting resources for this from ordinary food is almost impossible. This is what amino acids in tablets from Real Pharm serve for. With regular training and the use of an amino acid complex, there is a significant increase in muscle mass and improvement in strength characteristics. And with a low-calorie diet, Beef Amino will help to reduce weight due to excess body fat, which will not negatively affect the muscles, as there will be a constant supply of nutrients.

Benefits of Beef Amino

  • Convenient to use tablet form
  • No ballast impurities
  • European quality (Poland)
  • Rapid absorption: 25-40 minutes


Recommendations for use

1 serving = 2 tablets. Take one serving immediately after your workout. On recovery days - once a day.

You can buy Beef Amino Real Pharm amino acids in Ukraine on our website by placing an order through the basket or by phone. Also, our managers will provide a free consultation on the choice of sports nutrition, if necessary.

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