Carnitine Power Pro - Carnitine 4000 (500 grams)


Carnitine Power Pro - Carnitine 4000 (500 grams)

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Carnitine 4000 Power Pro is an effective weight loss supplement based on L-carnitine, BCAAs, glycine, vitamins and plant extracts.

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The countryUkraine
Вес500 g
Type of packagingpack
Price per serving6.38 gr
Release formPowder


Carnitine 4000 Power Pro is a versatile anabolic supplement based on BCAAs (60%), carnitine (12%) and a vitamin-mineral complex. Despite its name, the supplement is more intended to increase lean muscle mass and reduce the percentage of body fat, because the main component is essential amino acids with branched side chains. The drug dissolves easily in water and has a pleasant taste. The components are selected in such a way as to synergistically enhance each other's action.

The BCAAs in Carnitine 4000 contribute to maintaining a positive nitrogen balance and the synthesis of new protein structures. Carnitine in a small amount allows you to lose weight due to the fat layer, however, in such a ratio as in Carnitine 4000, it strengthens the cardiovascular system and increases overall and muscle endurance: training becomes more productive and longer. In the same time, it is possible to do many more sets and reps with your usual working weight, as a result, progress in strength and lean mass, of course, with proper nutrition. It is worth noting that Carnitine 4000 promotes weight gain through muscle in a natural way, however, for this it is necessary to fill the daily need for calories from healthy carbohydrates and proteins of animal or vegetable origin. That is, at the end of the Carnitine 4000 sports nutrition course, the results will not be lost.

The effect of taking Carnitine 4000 Power Pro

  • Active growth of lean muscle mass with targeted training
  • Decreased percentage of subcutaneous fat
  • Increase in overall endurance
  • Noticeable increase in productivity and well-being



Suggested Use for Carnitine 4000 by Power Pro

Mix one serving (10 grams) with 100-200 ml of water in a shaker or blender. Drink one serving before training. If you are not additionally taking BCAAs , in order to avoid catabolic processes, take one serving in the morning.

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