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Stark L-Arginine is a conditionally essential amino acid used in sports nutrition as a nitrogen donor.

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stark L - Arginine stark Pharm is an ultra-effective anabolic drug in powder form - arginine. This amino acid is conditionally replaceable, that is, the body, under certain circumstances, can synthesize it. Arginine also comes from food. Its properties are invaluable for the body:

  • Strengthening the cardiovascular system
  • Accelerates secretion of own growth hormone
  • Prevention of vital organs
  • Promotes the formation of new protein structures
  • Positively affects the immune system

Athletes who are regularly exposed to heavy physical exertion need additional nourishment of any amino acids, including arginine. Its deficiency in the body slows down progress in strength, and if the athlete aims to increase muscle mass by resorting to pumping training, then the absence of arginine will not bring the desired results. As often happens, after a volume workout in the pump mode, the muscles are swollen for a couple of hours. Then they return to their original state. Thanks to arginine, it is possible to increase the volume by a few percent directly during training. This in turn contributes to the expansion of the muscle fascia. During recovery, muscle volume is guaranteed to increase. In addition, taking arginine before bed will increase your own growth hormone production by up to 40 times. And, as you know, somatotropic hormone accelerates recovery processes, helps to reduce the percentage of subcutaneous fat and, as a result, there is a noticeable increase in muscle volume, drawing and venousness.

With the combination of arginine and creatine , there is a noticeable increase in strength indicators, since arginine increases the effectiveness of any form of creatine. The combination of arginine with yohimbine provides prevention and improvement of erectile function. The use of arginine before training will increase productivity and endurance.

Stark line-up L - Arginine

  • L-arginine - 5000 mg
  • B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) - 0.28 mg

Recommendations for the use of Stark L - Arginine

Drink one serving (5 grams) half an hour before training and at bedtime. On recovery days, once between meals and at bedtime. Pure arginine, where there are no synthetic sweeteners, does not have a very pleasant taste. You can consume it neat with water or add it to a protein shake.

IMPORTANT!!! the free form of arginine has a very unpleasant taste and smell (chlorine + medicine in one cocktail), if you want to get a tasty and pleasant-smelling product, you need to look at the flavored version or AAKG arginine.

stark L - Arginine by Stark Pharm buy at the most affordable price we offer on our website of sports nutrition and athletic accessories.

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